The Best Halloween Costumes of 2019

It’s that time of year again. You guessed it; spooky season. It’s time for all us broke college kids to put on whatever outfits we have and make a makeshift costume. Here’s a list of my predictions for popular Halloween costumes as well as easy to do costumes with stuff you probably already have.

1. VSCO Girl

I’m not sure at what point this went from trend to meme but it did it very quickly. This is a costume that might need explaining to some people but if you’re willing to do that all night long, this is probably the easiest costume you could do. All you need is a scrunchie, some friendship bracelets, an oversized shirt, a Hydroflask and maybe some Birks. The true essentials.

2. Witch

This one is an oldy but a goody. Plus, you can make it with stuff from your closet. The only thing you might need is a witch hat but you can usually buy those from the dollar store. What makes this better is how many different ways you can do it with just your makeup. Nature witch? Green eye shadows and flowers. Dark witch? Black lipstick and lightly colored foundation.

3. Clown

Since It Part 2 came out recently, Pennywise is likely to be a common costume. There will probably be some really great genderbent Pennywise costumes out there, but if you don’t want to buy the expensive pieces, you can always do your own version of a clown.

4. Zombie

Okay, so I love zombie costumes. You can literally take anything and “zombify” it. Some personal favorites that I’ve seen are zombie hipsters, zombie Disney princesses, zombie frat boys and zombie Harry Potter characters. There are thousands of tutorials for zombie makeup on youtube and, typically, you can do it with makeup you already own. 

5. The Addams Family

I am beyond excited for another Addams Family movie. If you have a group you plan to go with on Halloween, you can alter the family to work with your group. Genderbend Gomez, Pugsley and Fester if you want to. Wednesday Addams requires braids and a black dress. Morticia needs a long black dress and a certain suave look in your walk. This is definitely one you could do with stuff you own and it’ll be popular this year because of the new movie. 

6. Devil/Angel

This is always a fun one to do with a friend. You can do this with stuff in your closet, just might have to invest in wings or a horn (or make them following this great tutorial!). This idea is a classic and can be altered for best friends or a couples costume. You can totally dress it up or down depending on the party or the weather. It's super diverse. 

7. Area 51 Raider

Here’s one for the lazy people in all of us. You could simply buy a t-shirt and paint “Let’s Raid Area 51” on it. Maybe buy one of those inflatable aliens and carry him around all night to really get the point across. For a little added humor, make a tinfoil hat. Just make sure to perfect your Naruto run!

8. Fairy

Fairies are always fun and quick. Like my zombie example, you can alter it. You could be a tooth fairy, mom's favorite cleaning fairy or there are also lots of types of nature fairies you could do. Make sure to get some cute wings or make your own!

9. Don’t Call Me Angel

I’m a huge fan of this new song. Miley, Lana and Ariana make a fabulous combo. This could be a great costume for you and your girl gang. Make some kickass wings and buy similar outfits to theirs. Possibly, you might have some of the pieces lying around in your house (a Hannah Montana wig, last seen circa 2010, perhaps?). The key- don’t forget to kill it.

10. Stranger Things

Stranger Things had an amazing season three come out over the summer (that I, like most the world, watched in three days time). The gang is bound to be a very popular costume this Halloween. It’s also relatively easy to put together too. Target actually sells El’s iconic romper and Dustin’s Camp Knowhere t-shirt. This one is sure to be great.