The Best Halloween Costume for Whatever Your Plans Are

Halloween is right around the corner! Picking a costume is fun but can be stressful, especially if you’ll be in some type of contest. There are many great looks out there, but no one wants one that’s too boring, basic or confusing. What many people don’t realize is that the best costume for the occasion usually depends on the type of setting you’ll be in and exactly what you’ll be doing. Here is a guide for how to pick the best Halloween costume based on your plans!

A House Party

If you’re celebrating Halloween like this, expect to see lots of cat ears, lifeguards, devils/angels and pretty much anything that can somehow involve a skin-tight bodysuit. While you won’t want to come off as been-there-done-that and be the cliche bunny rabbit, you won’t want to show up at a frat house in a fancy costume that will most likely end up covered in jungle juice and sweat.

I would suggest going simple, but with your own twist on it. For example, if you want to be a cat, rather than the traditional black ears with a strapless black leotard and leggings, be a creative cat. Still buy the black leotard but add a furry vest or sew or iron on some patterned patches and pair it with some bold cheetah print trousers or textured pants! This way you’ll still stand out but everyone will still understand your look.


Last Halloween, I was very surprised to see that many college students still trick-or-treat, and that’s awesome! From unicorn onesies to princesses to police officers to superheroes, trick-or-treaters can go as literally anything as long as it’s fun and appropriate!

Definitely have fun with it and get inspiration from your childhood. Maybe revisit your favorite Disney movies! Just be sure not to be too sexy… you’ll be surrounded by kids and their families everywhere and you never know who will be opening the door so you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable!

The Workplace

Lots of workplaces not only allow but encourage costumes on Halloween! If you happen to have this type of job, any suggestions would really depend on the type of work that you do. Obviously someone working in an office setting would want a completely different look than someone who works in a bar. I’ve heard of people getting really creative and coordinating within departments or even dressing up as other coworkers! Since you will be in a place of work, you will have to play it safe to a degree and shouldn’t stand out too much, but the right look might really brighten someone’s day!

Hitting the Club

If you’re going to a trendy club with a huge dance floor and bar, you definitely will want to look the part! An exciting club scene would be the perfect place to get really glamourous with your looks, because this is the kind of place where people dress to impress and actually judge (no pressure!). I would suggest avoiding the simple “plastic bag” costumes and think out of the box. Movie characters or celebrities would be a good way to go for inspiration!

Scary Movie Night

If your Halloween will consist of going to see a scary movie or having a marathon at home, then make this your theme! You may not want to look too scary if you’re going to hand out candy to little kids at home or know that there will be lots of families at the movie theater, so this is important to keep in mind. But creepy dolls, skeletons and strange mythical creatures can all be made to be just as creepy or cute as you’d like.

Some great websites for Halloween makeup looks are stayglam and buzzfeed.

But most importantly, have fun with your costume no matter what you end up doing. There’s only one person your costume needs to impress and that’s yourself!