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As the holidays are quickly approaching, the perfect/best gift is hard to come by, especially since there are so many new things to get. Let’s narrow it down to what are the best gifts for the holidays of 2020. 


Electronics are the biggest and most important items in the market. You have items like cell phones, tablets and more. What better way to spend your money than purchasing Apple products.


This year Apple released the new iPhone 12. It contains 5G speed, H2O friendly (which can handle any splash), and its cameras contain night mode. The phone slightly resembles the design of the original iPhone 5, talk about a blast from the past! This product really depends on your phone carrier and if you arrange a payment plan, but if you buy from Apple you can participate in a trade-in for about $34+ a month depending on the size of the phone or $700-$800 before the trade-in. 


Apple also introduced its latest iPad Air. This tablet consists of an all-screen design and an easy, secure touch ID. It also includes support for the Apple Pen and has a Magic Keyboard. This is definitely a step into the future. This product is best purchased from Apple for about $600-$800 depending on how much storage you purchase.


Next, the talk of the town is game consoles. For anyone with younger siblings or if you play yourself, the PS5 is a must buy. It contains a 3D audio tech and has a faster loading time. but you have to act fast because this console doesn't last long in stores. This item, depending on where you purchase it from, will cost in between $500-$1,000.


The final best gift to buy for the holidays is the Aromatherapy Diffuser with essential oils. This gift is perfect for anyone who adores a good smelling and calm environment. It includes 7 light modes and 14 different light combinations. It also includes a timer. 


The oils that are packaged with the diffuser comes from high quality plants such as Lavender from France, Indonesian Cumin, and Roman Chamomile. All you have to do is add 8 drops of water to the tank and it will add a wonderful scent to any room. This gift is retrievable on Amazon for about $40. 


It looks like the Holiday season will be the best one yet, especially with all these great gift options to choose from. Happy Holidays!

Tatiana Ricks

Montclair '21

My name is Tatiana Ricks I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I enjoy learning from others and researching the latest trends, I admire self-love, books, and healing myself spiritually.
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