Best Class Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

The new streaming service Disney Plus has driven many people away from the classic streaming service, Netflix. Netflix may have a broad variety of genres, but it’s missing those classic Disney shows and movies we all love and it also costs $3.00 less than Netflix. Ever since Disney Plus has arrived I haven’t looked at Netflix once. Can you really put a price on having one place full of your favorite shows and movies?! Marvel movies, Star Wars franchise, and tons of classics that have been taken out of the “Disney Vault”; even classic Disney Pixar movies are available for viewing, so we don’t need a new service for just those movies, either. But if you are struggling to pick what movies to watch, here is a list of movies that are a must-watch that you may have forgotten exist or haven’t seen in years because - like me - you only had them on a VCR (yes a VCR):

Lion King

If you don’t know this film, where have you been? Recently transformed into a “live-action” film this movie follows the life story of a young lion cub, Simba, who has forgotten his place in the circle of life. With the help of his friends, he comes to realize where he belongs and saves his home from his evil uncle. *Fun fact: This movie is actually based off of the Shakespearean play Hamlet*


An all-time classic Disney Princess that is the first of three movies; and was recreated multiple times in live-action versions. The most recent one released in 2015, but you cannot forget the original made in 1950. This movie follows a young woman who is being raised by her evil stepmother. Cinderella captures the heart of a young prince and eventually escapes the horrid life of her stepmother and stepsisters. Teaching all young girls that it doesn’t matter where you come from; your dreams can come true.

Emperor’s New Groove

Recently removed from Netflix, this hilarious film is on Disney Plus for those of you devastated by its removal from Netflix. This is a great movie for those of you who want a comedy and not your typical Disney princess film. Emperor Kuzco turns into a Llama and gets a peasant to help transform him back. During his journey, he learns there are more important things in life besides wealth and power. 


A movie from 1998 that is anything but old fashioned. Technically under the “Disney Princess” category, it goes against all typical classic princess movies. This movie follows the story of Mulan who goes to war to save her father from having to fight. Going against all tradition of finding a husband and being a good wife, Mulan saves China with the help of her sidekick Mushu. She brings honor to her family in a whole new way. 

Sleeping Beauty

If you have seen Maleficent one and two Sleeping Beauty is a must-watch because it is the original movie those live-action remakes are based on. Princess Aurora, daughter of King Stefan and The Queen is cursed by an evil being named Maleficent. To avoid her impending doom her parents send her to a country house in the care of three fairies until the day after she turns 16. While under the impression she is a regular country girl she meets the handsome Prince Philip who she is unknowingly betrothed to. She eventually meets her fate of being enchanted into a deep sleep and can only be saved by true love’s kiss.

Monster’s Inc.

One all-time classic Disney Pixar film that gives everyone a whole new view into the monsters that “live” in our closets. We see that these “monsters”- other than two- are sweet genuine creatures who only scare children because their city uses it to run their power. But this movie ends with a sad goodbye but a change in power supply to no longer frighten the children of the world.