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The Benefits of Being in a Sorority

Say goodbye to the Fall 2020 semester and hello to Spring 2021! Formal recruitment is held every Spring semester at Montclair State University for the National Panhellenic Council. I went out for recruitment in Spring 2020 because I wanted to meet new people and make friends. During the four-day process, I gained confidence, improved my communication skills, and met amazing people. I would go through the process all over again if it means I end up with my forever home, Theta Phi Alpha. I recommend anyone to go out for recruitment because you have the possibility of making so many new friends and people you can call home. Life is short; it is worth a shot to at least try and meet new people while getting involved on campus. Some benefits to joining a sorority are philanthropy (volunteer), to build your resume, create lifelong friendships, and make connections. Being a part of Greek life has changed my college experience in many positive ways. 



Philanthropy is a way sororities give back to the community by donating money and giving their time and effort toward a good cause. Sororities all over the country try to encourage people to donate to their philanthropy. Personally, I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to those in need. Doing community service does not only look good for your resume, but feels good too, especially if you do it with your sisters. Sophomore Bridget Murphy, sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma, finds Greek life volunteer events enjoyable despite the pandemic, “Working with our philanthropies is something I am proud to be a part of. Seeing firsthand how our donations and events we hold help those in need makes me realize how grateful I am and how appreciative to be a part of Tri Sigma and the work we do. Even though the pandemic caused our in-person events to be canceled we moved them to online because we know how much these donations and our actions mean to our philanthropies.”


Build Your Resume

Being in a sorority has given me multiple opportunities and will provide me with even more in the future. One of the opportunities is being able to hold the Greek Council Representative position of Theta Phi Alpha Delta Lambda chapter. This position allows me to have responsibility, demonstrate leadership, and positively represent my organization. 


Create Lifelong Friendships

Making new friends and meeting new people can be difficult for some, but going out for recruitment can make those things a little easier. Being in a sorority gives people bonds for life and moments to cherish forever. A moment I will cherish forever is getting my big at “Big/Little Reveal” because I was so surprised and filled with joy to find out it was her. It was truly a perfect match. Sororities strengthen friendships and create close-knit communities where women can feel empowered and special. Junior Tamar Schwarzer, sister of Theta Phi Alpha, values her sisters and exemplifies how her big sister makes her a better person, “My big inspired me to get a little and become someone else’s role model and that happened this semester. All my other sisters are definitely part of my lifelong friendships, these people have such a big impact and influence on my beliefs, values, memories that changed my college experience as well as for the future my happiness.”


Make Connections

There will always be someone who knows of or knows someone. Having dozens of sisters to rely on is not only a great feeling, but is beneficial too. A sister can have connections by being involved in clubs and different organizations which benefits other sisters by encouraging them to get involved or if they need help for an assignment. For example, one of my sisters, Shannon, introduced me to Her Campus, and because of her, I was able to apply and join Montclair’s chapter. Another example is if a sister needs help with math, the chances are very high that someone in a sorority is a math major or knows someone who is good at math that can help them. The best part is that these connections can last a lifetime. The benefits of making connections can help one succeed with academics and/or their future career.

Kim Lamparello

Montclair '23

Kim Lamparello is a senior at Montclair State University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Criminal Justice. She is the President of the Her Campus Montclair chapter!
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