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This Thanksgiving was like no other. Many families were not able to share dinner with their loved ones and weren’t able to share how thankful they are for one another in person. This year, we have many things to be thankful for. We have family and friends, of course, but there are many other things that I’d like to point out. They may not be obvious, but they are surely there.


Your Bed

When days are tough, we have a cozy bed to snuggle into at night. This is a safe place to relax your mind and let your thoughts disappear into the night. Many of us couldn’t see our family for long periods of time, and this took a toll on our bodies. With heavy eyes and a heavy heart, we can sink into our soft beds, pull up the covers, and let your head hit the pillow. When the thoughts swirled around your head for what felt like hours, your bed allowed you to relax and fall asleep soundly. Thank goodness we have our beds!


A Cup of Tea or Coffee

Waking up every morning, you may feel as if you got no sleep. Staying up for school, staying up to think, or simply not getting enough rest, you may need a pick me up in the morning. After rubbing your eyes and letting out a big yawn, you must carry on with your day, but where is the energy to do so? You go into your kitchen and brew up some tea or coffee. Let the warmth of the pot light up your heart. You brew your drink of choice and pour it into your mug. After putting it to your lips, you take a sip. That sip wakes up your whole body! After drinking a cup, your body is ready for the day. Thank goodness we have tea and coffee!


An Education

Teachers dedicate their time to teaching us about the world. Without them, we wouldn’t know what todo. They could’ve been anything, but they chose to be our mentors in a school-environment. Not only do they not get paid much, but they are also underrated. They spend each and every day trying to touch the hearts and minds of their students. They want to stimulate their brains and teach them all they know. We are so lucky to have them!


Being Who We Want

We have the ability to pursue any dream we wish. We are so lucky to have this opportunity. As children, we dreamt of being extraordinary. We all wanted careers to help save the world. Now, we can do just that, even if it’s not your typical world-saving career. Writers have the ability to tell the world their stories and perspectives with the beauty of words. Artists can create beauty with a pencil, paintbrush, or anything really! Simply by being kind to others, we can save the world. We can touch the hearts of others by simply being who we want to be. Save the world by showing others how fearless we are. We are so blessed to have this ability! 


There is so much to be thankful for, but don’t forget the little things, too! When you’re going through your day, don’t forget to think of all the things you do without thinking. Every little piece of your day helps you do what you do best, being you! Don’t take it for granted. 

Maria Hofmann

Montclair '22

Just a Journalism major with a passion to write. She loves listening to music and attending concerts as often as she can. She loves to drink coffee on the regular as she spends some quality time gossiping with her best friends, one being her mom! She's super outgoing and loves to meet new people so she can share stories about her life with others.
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