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Aquarius Season: Turn 21 With Me!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

So this is what 21 feels like? Let me be honest, I am not a partier or drinker and I definitely did not have the ‘typical’ 21st birthday experience. Although, I absolutely love birthdays no matter whose it is! It’s a time to celebrate life and getting to experience a new age – so let’s just say I have been celebrating for about a week now and it’s not over yet! For anyone like me who isn’t the biggest partier in terms of drinking, I hope my birthday adventures give you some inspiration for your own. Don’t you just love Aquarius season?


Birthday Photoshoot

A week before my birthday arrived, I did something I had never done before – a birthday photoshoot. I wanted something I could look back on in the future and be able to have special memories of my 21st birthday. My talented friend Kim did the photoshoot for me and can I just say, I’m obsessed! Check out Kim’s Instagram for more of her amazing photography. This is something I feel everyone should do while they’re young. You’ll wish you had done it when you’re celebrating your 50th birthday.

woman holding disco ball for a photoshoot
Kim Castor


Birthday Dinner

What better way than to celebrate with the ones you love with a birthday dinner – so I had two! The night before my birthday, I went out to dinner with my sister, boyfriend and a few friends to a restaurant in West New York – Son Cubano. We had food, strawberry daiquiris and ended the night with birthday churros! I officially turned 21 on Monday, February 17. I started the day with a Playa Bowls breakfast and ended the night with a dinner for two at the Chart House in Weehawken – by the Hudson River.

two people out to dinner
Lauren Clemente


Birthday Bash

I’m ending the week with a joint birthday party that my sister and I have at our house every year, since our birthdays are only a week apart. This year, our party is Miami vibes – our favorite place to be! This means party planning! We love to plan a good party. Neon colors, confetti, balloons, tons of food, the list could go on. You name it, we’ll have it.

My favorite part of it all, our little party activity. When we were little, our mom used to make funfetti cakes for all our friends at our joint birthday parties. Everyone would sit and decorate their own cake with all the sprinkles and frosting you could imagine! We are bringing it back. This year, we are recreating that memory and making mini funfetti cakes for all our guests to decorate.

– Last year’s at-home Birthday Bash –

a woman surrounded by balloons
Lauren Clemente


Now that my birthday celebrations are coming to an end, I guess it’s time to let my sister celebrate her birthday. Can you believe? The audacity.

I hope my birthday adventures gave you some ideas for your own. Remember, birthdays are something special and only come once a year. Always celebrate! 21 years around the sun – crazy, isn’t it?

Lauren Clemente recent graduate from Montclair State University who studied Communication and Media Arts. She held the role of President and Co-Campus Correspondent, as well as Editor-in-Chief at Her Campus Montclair. She loves all things to do with content creation, fashion + beauty and traveling the world.