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Ambiorix J. Ramirez

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.


Name: Ambiorix J. Ramirez

Birthday: June 26, 1994

Hometown: Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Major: Psychology but, he is in the process of changing it

Year: Freshman

Collegiettes, meet Ambiorix J. Ramirez! Ambiorix, better known as Ambi, is going to be a sophomore next year in the graduating class of 2016. Ambi has a great personality and everyone that comes across him, loves him! Ambi stays busy singing RnB and Folk songs and he also writes poetry, he says, “I enjoy singing, my stage name is Benjamin Navy.  When it comes to singing in front of others, I stick to singing music by The Weeknd. I also write poetry and I use it to write my own music”. Ambi is very adventurous and he loves to travel. He has been to the Dominican Republic, which is where his family is from, Connecticut, Boston, and all over New York! He is going to be quite busy this summer as well, “This summer you can find me in Florida and in the Netherlands”. Ambi doesn’t really have a favorite restaurant but, he loves Italian food, Dominican food, and sushi.

Montclair State University has so much to offer and that is why Ambi chose to go here! Ambi says, “Montclair is one of the most diverse campuses in New Jersey. I enjoy how easy it is to make connections and broaden your horizons”. As of Spring 2013 Ambi is a proud brother of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated! Next year Ambi wants to get more involved on campus, “I have yet to join any clubs. I look forward to being part of LASO, Brotherhood, HRLDA and Speaking Through Silence”. Ambi likes to stay active; in high school he wrestled, played football, baseball, and ran cross country. He enjoys watching movies and thinks that Will Smith is a phenomenal actor, “My favorite movie is Seven Pounds because Will Smith is such a bad-ass actor”!

Here is the answer to the question you all have been waiting for, Ambi is single! At the moment, Ambi wants to focus on other things and getting his priorities straight, “I’d rather focus on myself for the time being and get my priorities straight before jumping into any deep relations. Also, the summer is right around the corner and relationships are no fun during the summer”. With that being said, there is still hope collegiettes! Ambi knows exactly what he would do for a girl on their first date, “Honestly, I would take a girl to a dope poetry club in NYC or take her to see her favorite musician perform, I’m a music man! After that I’ll take her to dinner”. 

Ten years is a long time from now, but Ambi is in the process of figuring out what he wants to do.  No matter what, Ambi does not ever want to stop doing music. Ambi says, “As of right now, I am stuck between working as a pediatric nurse, police officer or social worker in ten years. After college all I can say is that I will be working on my own music”. Ambi has a bright future ahead of him and the sky is the limit!

Photo Credit: Ambiorix J. Ramirez

Jennifer is a Feature Writer for Her Campus Montclair and a junior at Montclair State University. Jennifer is majoring in nutrition with a concentration in dietetics with a biology minor. She absolutely loves to write and dance and enjoys expressing her creativity through writing and dancing! She recently began practicing yoga and she loves it very much. Jennifer hopes to become a Registered Dietitian and one day write for a health & fitness magazine. Health is very important to Jennifer and she wants to share her love of health and fitness with the world!