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Nobody understands life as much as a mom. They’ve had heartache, happiness, confusion and any other emotion you can think of. My own mother has told me a plethora of stories that make me feel that she is an actual superhero. I wish everybody had her as a mom because, frankly, the world would be a better place. I’d like to share some pieces of advice she has given me, and hopefully, it helps you with something you yourself need to hear.

My mom has told me time and time again, you teach people how to treat you. Whether it’s a friend, significant other, boss, etc., you show them what you will and won’t accept. Time and time again, I accept less than what I deserve. I have let people walk all over me and treat me with disrespect, even if I don’t mean to. It’s all about those boundaries and talks you have at the very beginning that set the mood. They may push and push your limits to see how far they can go. My mom has always told me, stop it in the beginning! Do not let it get to a point where they can completely disrespect you straight to your face. 

We’ve all had dark days, wondering when they would get better. My mom has always told me, “Even on the darkest days, the sun comes up”. It’s the absolute truth. No matter how bad a day is, it only lasts 24 hours. The dark day will end and soon the sun will shine, even if it doesn’t feel that way. There’ve been so many times when I felt like the day I was having would never end but it always did. It isn’t a bad life, just a bad day. The sadness I felt was always temporary, she’d remind me and I’d get through it. 

Lastly, I leave you with the most important advice: This is the youngest you’ll ever be, so enjoy it and take pictures to remember it because even though you may dislike them today, it’ll be all you have left someday. One day we will all be old and regretful of all those chances we never took. She reminds me life is precious and to never take it for granted. We all cringe and delete photos with our friends, but one day we will wish we saved every last one. My mom has lost friends over the years and she wishes she took more pictures. We always think of what we look like, but we never think of the significance behind the picture. It’s important to live life to the fullest and to enjoy our youth. 

Thank you, mom.

Maria Hofmann

Montclair '22

Just a Journalism major with a passion to write. She loves listening to music and attending concerts as often as she can. She loves to drink coffee on the regular as she spends some quality time gossiping with her best friends, one being her mom! She's super outgoing and loves to meet new people so she can share stories about her life with others.
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