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Adventurous Winter Activities Where You Can Have Fun and Stay Fit

Seasonal depression is real and can make us all feel less motivated to engage in physical activities. The days are shorter, the cold is brutal, and we all have that urge to snuggle up between our sheets. Then you reach a point where you become bored and are looking for something adventurous to do in the winter. If this weather is causing you to feel down, throw on your snow boots and get ready to experience these simple, fun winter activities that will brighten your day, and at the same time, keep your body in shape.

  1. Skiing

Get your skis on, and conquer the mountain! It is definitely a sport that will leave you feeling sore at the end of the day, but it’s a good feeling – as if you just accomplished something. It’s a great exercise to keep your body moving, and trust me, you won’t notice the cold! You’ll be having way too much fun. The whole adventure of skiing springs on a wonderful vibe. The gorgeous mountains, the cute outfits, all of the commotion in the lodge and the feeling of flying down the slopes. Once you’ve had enough of skiing, hang out in the lodge and drink some hot apple cider or hot chocolate. There is always something fun going on in the lodge to put a nice end to your lovely ski day.

  1. Hiking

Snowshoe hiking is not very common, but it is definitely underrated. Hiking is a good pastime in the winter, and it keeps you in shape! Hiking in the winter has its perks: no bugs, no sweat and breathtaking scenery that leaves you feeling mesmerized. Think of it as entering the mystical world of Narnia – how the snow brightens the woods, creates a golden sunset as the sun reflects off of the snow and adds texture to the sights you’ll see. To make it more fun, carry a sled with you for the downhill hikes, it’s totally worth it!

  1. Ice skating

You can’t go wrong with ice skating in the winter. The whole vibe it brings makes winter all that more special. Dressing up in cute VSCO outfits, taking Instagram photos, skating for hours and drinking hot cocoa should definitely be on your winter bucket list. If you’re used to ice skating indoors then try a new experience – get outside! Find a nice pond or lake, and spend some time there. Ice skating will keep you in shape, keep you motivated and active and also give you something to look forward to instead of being trapped on your couch typing an essay.

  1. Sledding/Snow tubing

Believe it or not, sledding/snow tubing can be the most exhausting out of the winter sports/activities listed above. For some reason, walking up the mountain takes a lot of energy out of you! At least when you’re skiing you can take a lift up, but where I go sledding it can be an exhausting walk. It’s all worth it though once you’ve sled down it several times. You can’t go wrong with sledding. It is a really fun pastime in the winter. The feeling you’ll get when you’re sliding down the slope at a crazy speed is like no other! You also don’t have to ride alone because sledding with another person actually increases the speed and makes it far more exciting!

This is your cue to get up off of your couch and experience these fun winter activities to keep you active and give you an experience you’ll never forget. Trust me – winter will be your new favorite season.

Rosaria LoPresti

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Rosaria Lo Presti is a journalist with a strong passion for writing. She also enjoys reading, fashion, and traveling. During her free time, she loves to sing and play instruments or bake something delicious.
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