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A Different Kind of Concentration: Tips To Stay Focused This Semester

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Every student has undergone the infamous college experience. Juggling classes and clubs, maintaining their GPA for graduation and keeping track of personal relationships. It’s not easy, but I’m here with some tips to stay focused this semester!

  1. Keep A Planner

This may be the most overused piece of advice in academic history, but a planner is your best friend. With a planner, you have a better understanding of what work needs to be turned in and when. Even an alarm, reminder or calendar on your phone goes a long way.

  1. Don’t Wake Up To Your Phone

A phone is a procrastination-prone student’s worst enemy! I’ve been almost late to class multiple times. I would wake up, spend way too much time on my phone and proceed to panic in the car. So the phone shouldn’t be your go-to in the morning. How about breakfast or self-care? If you start the day productively, things are more likely to fall into place! 

  1. More Than An Hour

If your chorale or band performance is at 6:30 PM, be ready to leave around 4:30 PM. If you’re meeting your friend for lunch by 3, get there by 2:30. Class at 11:15 AM? You’re out the door by 9:30. This resonates better with commuters, but all college students can agree that the #1 thing we never have enough of is time. So create more of it for yourself.

  1. Resources, Resources

Community and inclusion are vital to college campuses. Students can’t go through everything alone. There’s no shame in admitting you need a little bit of assistance; after all, you’re paying for on-campus services! Look to your academic advisors, career counselors and mental health centers.

  1. Classes Come First

The worst experience for a college student is when they get so involved in clubs and organizations that it’s difficult to maintain a steady grade point average. Remember, education is your top priority. You can’t stay in school forever. If you’ve seen the movie Rushmore, you’ll get what I’m saying. Overcommitment is a nightmare for someone who loses an essential item every other week.

  1. Each Day Has Enough Trouble of Its Own

The best way to have a successful future is to work on yourself in the present. I have spent so much time worrying about the future that I have neglected the task at hand. There’s no guaranteed way of fixing this besides reminding yourself that tomorrow is another day and that there’s always another chance and each day has enough for you to focus on.

  1. Take A Break

Make sure to balance your routine, a bit of variety never hurts anyone. Try going for a walk, stretching, meeting up with friends for lunch, exercising and drinking plenty of water. When you’re always rushing from place to place and your life is constantly busy, you’ll forget the simpler moments where you could just breathe. And if you’re able to breathe for just a second, your mind can be cleared of all that clutter, and you’ll be ready and determined to focus.

It’s not easy being a college student, especially when juggling different personal and professional issues. Time management can be tricky, but with these tips you can help master it!

Roselita Cabelin

Montclair '26

Roselita Cabelin is a Theatre and English Major whose love for storytelling helped her join the writing team at Her Campus!