7 Publications for the Nonconformist

From an early age, boys and girls are thrown into the magnificent world of media without even realizing it. We start off with Scholastic Book Fair picks and then graduate onto J-14 and Tiger Beat. Before we know it we are brainwashed by tabloids, fake news outlets and mainstream magazines that push out the same exact stories in different variations.

Not that we don’t appreciate the fact that we have constant access to the Kardashian/Jenner clan and their shenanigans --- but sometimes a positive change and some diversity is all we need. There are a plethora of publications (including Her Campus Montclair) that attribute to different walks of life and ways of thinking.

1. Laika Magazine

Calling all vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists and animal enthusiasts! LAIKA Magazine is a quarterly vegan lifestyle magazine with “heartfelt storytelling and unforgettable photography.” This publication is available in both digital and print.

2. The New York Times

The New York Times isn’t exactly what one would call “lesser known” or nonconforming, but to millenials? It might actually be a good thing to pick up a good ol’ fashioned print copy of one of the most reliable news sources out there.

For those who refuse to look back and ditch the digital age, the NYT website has a ton of other categories ranging from opinion pieces to style and tech. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what is going on in the world without all of the inputs from the far left or far right and opt for impartiality. The New York Times tries to hold onto the transparency that most news outlets have long since forgotten.

3. Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe is described as the “foodie feminist bible” and incorporates breathtaking images of delectable dishes along with recipes, artwork and profiles. Not to mention their aesthetic is super insta-worthy and enticing. Cherry Bombe comes out twice a year but they have a podcast, merchandise and even a cooking class. Their issues sell out on the regular so get your hands on one of em’ before it’s too late!

4. Manrepeller

Manrepeller started off as a fashion blog for founder, Leandra Medine but blossomed into so much more. “Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.” Typically with style comes grace but at Manrepeller, with style comes wit, humor and a whole lot of interesting content.

5. Your college’s newspaper

As college students trying to make it in this world and rack up a few things for our resumes, we should understand how important getting involved on campus is and letting our talents shine through. Support your peers by picking up the latest issue of your campus paper.

6. Mic

Mic strives to be transparent and diverse content through journalism and media. The staff at Mic have unique voices that can give the underrepresented a chance at sharing their stories.

7. Vice

If you are looking for complete and unhinged diversity, Vice is your go to. Vice is known for their inclusivity of all shapes, sizes, skin colors, sexualities, backgrounds and more. This news outlet shares the stories that other publications often shy away from. You can get your daily dose of Vice through their online magazine, apps, podcasts and Viceland for some quality Vice TV.