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7 Places to Visit this Fall in New Jersey

Everyone has their favorite activities they like to do in the fall. Luckily for us New Jerseyans, there’s a lot to offer here. Whether you’re into really haunted and scary activities or just like to keep it calm at pumpkin picking, you will never be disappointed here. Fall in New Jersey is such a beautiful and fun time. There are countless activities you can do with your friends and family. From apple picking to haunted hayrides, you will never be bored.

Here are seven places you should visit this fall in New Jersey:

  1. Happy Day Farm – Manalapan, NJ

Happy Day Farms is located in Manalapan, New Jersey. There’s a $12 fee for adults to get into the farm, $8 for children. You must buy your ticket beforehand to be admitted into the park; they do not sell tickets onsite. Not only do they offer pumpkin picking, but they also offer a fun fall harvest. This harvest includes different games, a corn maze, food, rides and much more. Happy Day Farm also offers a hayride to take you around the farm, from the fall harvest over to the pumpkin picking area. The fall harvest consists of a lot of fun. It’s definitely somewhere you want to visit this fall.

  1. Fright Fest – Six Flags, Great Adventure

Fright Fest is located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. To get into Fright Fest, you can either buy a daily pass or you can use your season pass for entry. Throughout September and October, Six Flags decks out their theme park to be as spooky as ever. During the day, the park is kid-friendly and is considered “thrills-by-day.” During this time, the park is the fun and nice kind of spooky, nothing too scary for children. Starting at 6 p.m., the park switches over to being filled with a lot of haunted fun. There are different scary mazes, “scarers” walking around the park and much more that will leave you frightened.

  1. Field of Terror – East Windsor, NJ

The Field of Terror in East Windsor, New Jersey consists of both daytime and nighttime fun. Depending on if you attend during the day or night, the prices will vary. During the day, the field is very family and children friendly. You can go pumpkin picking, walk through the corn maze and go on a hayride. There’s a haunted hayride during the day, but there are no actors. At night is when it starts to get really scary. The Field of Terror has a haunted corn maze, a haunted hayride, scary terror events, a haunted house and a creepy carnival paintball ride. They also have a non-scary flashlight maze that you can go through as well. The Field of Terror has events that all ages can enjoy. Definitely check it out before it closes! 

  1. Demarest Farm – Hillsdale, NJ

Demarest Farm in Hillsdale, New Jersey is an awesome place to go apple picking this fall. There’s a $7 entrance fee that brings you apple picking, playground access and farm animals (you can also feed them). This farm has over 14 different apples you can pick, which is pretty cool. Reservations are required to visit, and they are not accepting in person/walk-ins, so if you would like to attend this fall, get your tickets before they sell out!

  1. Delicious Orchards – Colts Neck, NJ

Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ is a farm and country food market that has a lot of nice fall foods. They sell anything you can think of from pies to vegetables. One of my favorite fall snacks from here are the apple cider donuts, which are so delicious! Delicious Orchards also hosts a fall festival, where you can go apple picking and attend the different events they host. If you want a fun, fall day trip, Delicious Orchards is definitely the place for you. 

  1. Brighton Asylum – Passaic, NJ

Brighton Asylum in Passaic, New Jersey is a walk-through attraction filled with fear. It’s based on an old asylum shut down in 1952 due to staff and patient disappearances and bad living conditions, and now it’s reopened looking for new patients. If you’re into scary things, this haunted house is definitely for you. Along with the haunted house, they have escape games, axe throwing, a haunted museum and other events. The cost of attendance is based on what attractions you would like to attend during your visit.

  1. Attend a Montclair State University Football Game

Fall is football season, and what’s better than going to cheer on your school team at their game? Students at Montclair State University receive free admission to all home football games, which is pretty nice for wanting to go to a game on a budget. Those who don’t attend Montclair State University have to pay $10 to attend. Be sure to go support the Red Hawks on Saturdays in the fall!

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