7 Insta’s YOU Should Be Following!

What is the one common thing that you do between classes, while you sip on your morning coffee, and while you lay in bed at night when you should be asleep? Instagram. We all do it. We all spend way too much of our lives on it (yes I admit, I have a problem). BUT, if we’re going to do it, then we may as well do it right. Here are seven accounts that if you aren’t already following, then what are you waiting for?



Kelsey shows her personal health transformation in a relatable and real world fashion. She posts motivating captions almost daily that the “every-day-girl-who-thinks-she-can’t-get-in-shape” girl can totally relate to and come away feeling inspired and ready to get their booty in gear.



Britney shares the sweetest personal moments of her life with her British husband and adorable toddler, Jake. She shares the details of her life; the good and the bad that make reading her posts such a welcoming place. Some of the moments she has shared include loving and personal stories with her husband, the affects of her miscarriage, and her struggles with her body during pregnancy. She also doesn’t fail to link the most fashionable and affordable pieces in posts now and again!



Cambria posts videos on YouTube encompassing every lifestyle aspect from healthy eating, religion, relationships, recipes and organization tips. Her page is perfect to get a bit of inspiration for your own life when you need that push.



For all of us foodies out there who love to try new restaurants - this page is gold. BUT it has the travel aspect intertwined in that they specialize in several major cities in the states. Just looking at the photos will make your mouth start watering and dying to take pictures of similar food when you visit their perfect recommendations.



Lauryn not only has a fitness guide to help guide you in the direction of her smoking hot abs, but she gives you healthier recipes along the way in the utmost of fashion and style.



Mimi’s page is full of work inspiration for hustling hard to thrive in your own business along with some major travel inspiration. She encompasses all aspects of a balanced lifestyle and shares the photos along with her husband on her page.



Anna posts workout videos with step-by-step instructions to use when you just have no idea where to start when you’re at the gym. Her down to earth approach of having an overall healthy lifestyle to aid in weight loss is what makes her page such a great read.

What are your favorite pages? Have you checked out any of these pages? Let us know!