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6 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and although there are a lot of great gifts to shop for, sometimes it’s best to let your creative side appear and make something unforgettable for the one you love. Every mother’s heart melts when they receive a gift from their son or daughter. But, when they notice that you took your time to craft a thoughtful, special and unique homemade gift, their emotion will be even greater. Remember, the best gifts are those that are made by us and if you haven’t thought or gotten anything for your mother yet and want to fill her with joy and affection in a creative way, we have put a list of several cost-effective “do it yourself” gift options:

1. Homemade Card

This Mother’s Day, let your mom know you love her with a card straight from your heart and your talented hands. Moms will definitely appreciate a handmade, one-of-a kind card on her special day. It is quite easy to make a good homemade card in only a matter of minutes as long as you have these materials handy: Pen, some ribbon, a plain card, colored paper and glue stick. Some ideas include cutting out heart shaped paper pieces and gluing them in front of the card, drawing a picture of you and your mom in the front of the card, and then, writing her a poem or a song letting her know how much she is appreciated and loved.

2. Make a Sweet Mother’s Day Collage

What better way to show your mom how much you care than with a Mother’s Day collage? In our digital age, you can easily gather some pictures of you and your mom from your childhood and organize them in a picture frame.  Your smiles and happy moments will be a nice thing to look at and remind you of good memories shared.

3. Have a Spa Day at Home

Every woman likes to get pampered, whether you are a mother or a daughter. Having a spa day at home is a fun, relaxing, and cheap way to hang out with your favorite girl. With a few simple ideas and easy preparation, you can set up the perfect environment that allows you to enjoy a calming night, while chatting, bonding and getting beautiful in the process. To set up the mood, you can select some soothing music which can be downloaded on your phone or listened on any website music station such as Pandora. Get comfy by getting into your fluffy robes and slippers or pj’s. For the first spa treatment, apply cooling facial masks on each other’s skin. These masks require nothing more than ingredients found on your kitchen such as avocados, yogurt or bananas. You can also purchase facial masks in stores if you’d like.  For the final touch, slice some chilled cucumbers and place them over your eyes and mom’s eyes.

A spa wouldn’t be complete without a mani-pedi session. Paint your nails with your favorite color and for extra pizazz, apply glitter or nail stickers which come in different designs and styles.

Setting up a home spa is fun and easy. Make sure there are also some yummy treats such as cut out veggies, fruits, chips, candies for you both to munch on while getting rejuvenated.

4. Sewing Kit

For any crafty moms out there, a sewing kit would be the perfect gift for you to make. Using a small canning jar, cardboard, batting, a small square of fabric, and glue, you can create a useful sewing kit that any mom would absolutely love. Once all the pieces are assembled, fill the jar with sewing accessories, such as threads, buttons, lace, and needles. Then, for the final touch, decorate the outside of the jar with personal touches such as stickers.


5. Iron-On Tote Bags

Moms can carry a tote bag for any occasion, ranging from grocery shopping to spending a day at the beach.  Nowadays, canvas tote bags are very common. They are very sturdy, durable, cheap and used for any heavy duty purpose. Also, another option is the nylon tote bags. They are easy to maintain and classy looking. These tote bags come in a variety of sizes and iron-ons are a great way to decorate plain tote bags. You can personalize these bags by creating your own design using a computer and inkjet printer, or transferring iron-on design paper found at any craft store. They are fun, easy to print, and can create a lasting caring message to your mom.


6. Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for any mother on Mother’s Day. But how greater would it be if it was made by you? Tidepool earrings are easy to craft and are perfect for spring/summer days when it’s too hot to wear heavy gold/silver earrings. The required materials for this craft are: faceted glass in shades of aquamarine or lavender, sterling silver ear wires, clippers, round rose plier and flat nose plier. For steps on how to make it, visit: https://www.forthemakers.com/projects/tidepool-earrings

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