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5 Ways to Travel More in College

College is meant to prepare us for the real world and at the same time be able to open us up to new experiences on our own. Whether those experiences involve friends, dating, figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, or figuring out who you are — it’s the best time to explore and learn about yourself and the beautiful world we live in!

Travel is something I always wanted to do when I was a freshman and I found some ways to explore as much as I possibly can while I’m in college and on a budget. So here are five ways you can travel more in college! 

1. Study Abroad

I am amazed at how many universities have study abroad programs these days including Montclair State! Studying abroad is a great way to explore a country, still earn college credit while taking a semester abroad, and have room and board already set for you. You can travel to countries like Portugal, Germany, Croatia or China. If you’re interested in traveling while you’re in college and still want to be able to fulfill your requirements, this is a great option to look into! 

2. Professional Conferences

There are so many conferences for the communications majors, the PR majors, the marketing majors and the business majors alike around the United States. You don’t necessarily have to travel to foreign country. Exploring the states can be fun too! Networking and professional conferences can be a great way to see an interesting city for a weekend and also learn more about your career of choice. A few conferences where industry leaders speak include Her Conference (hosted in New York City), Synergy Global Forum (hosted in New York City) and the Alt. Summit (hosted in Palm Springs). All have student and group discounts if you just ask! 

3. Spring Break 

Quite often, spring break can feel so short every year, but taking advantage of the week we have in between our busy college careers can be a great way to get out of town and refresh! A few great places for spring break could be grabbing your girls for a short girls trip to the Poconos or even renting a cabin upstate for a few days to catch up and bond. Or even just driving down the shore, renting an Airbnb and spending a weekend on the beach and boardwalk!

4. Road Trips

On a college budget, we’re constantly looking for what’s the most cost-effective. Sometimes catching a flight can be pricey. f you’ve got a car, making a weekend and a road trip out of a long drive out-of-state could be a great way to travel a little more. Explore some great cities along the way, try some new food and see a little more of what this country has to offer! 

5. Foreign College Programs

Foreign college programs are available to the students who want to study abroad but also get ahead in their career. It’s a way to live in countries like England, Italy or even France while learning how to work in your field, earn college credit and live in a foreign country. Programs like the Disney College Program allow you to do that! 

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