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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Dorm Under $10

As we move into our dorm rooms, we start to come up with ways to make it feel more like home. But if you’re like me, a broke college student, then you know that a lot of dorm decorations can cost a lot of money.

Just the other day, I was on Dormify and saw a wall print cost $22. That’s great for people who can afford it, but for me, that’s way too much.

So, here are some great ideas for anyone who wants a nice dorm at a reasonable price!

DIY Tassel Garland

This one is becoming very popular. You can buy ready made ones at Target for about $10 and if you’re feeling really extravagant, you could head on over to Urban Outfitters if you’re looking to spend around $72. Yikes.

For this DIY, I bought the string at Target for about $3 and the tissue paper at Dollar Tree for $1. At Dollar Tree, everything is literally $1, so you can get a packet of 10 tissue papers in any design they have for $1!

It’s very easy to do on your own, and the end result is fabulous.

Total price: $5

Colorful Paper 

For my side of the dorm, I bought a paper pad from target for about $8 and decided to get creative with it. I used the paper to make different shapes and with the leftover string from my tassel garland, I attached the shapes to make this fun hanging design!

My friend also used colorful paper to decorate her side and her pad cost a little less that $3!

Total Price: $3-$8

Geometric Tape Designs 

This one has become my absolute favorite. Geometric wall patterns are huge now – just ask anyone on Pinterest. A lot of people have begun to incorporate it into their dorm designs, especially with washi tape. However, I suggest not using washi tape as it has a tendency to pull the paint off the wall. What I used for my walls in Sinatra, is Scotch Blue Painter’s tape!

It works so great on MSU’s walls and comes off very easily at the end of the semester. Best part? It barely costs a thing – I bought mine at Walmart for around $3!

Total Price: $3

Polaroid Photo Frame 

Polaroid cameras are making a huge comeback so if you have one, this is a very cute idea. I bought a frame at a store near my hometown for around $5 and the wire at Dollar Tree for $1. I then glued the wire to the black of the frame to create little “clotheslines” for my photos! All you need after that is some wall hangers, which you can also get at Dollar Tree for $1.

Total price: $8

DIY Mirror

Everyone has a mirror in their dorm, so why not have a mirror that fits your style? You can find a long mirror for about $6 at most stores and from there you can do anything you want with it.

You can buy some fake flowers at Dollar Tree for $1 each and create a fun border. Have a bunch of old CD’s laying around you know you’re never going to listen to again? Break them apart and place them around the mirror. You can even pick up some washi tape from Michaels and create a fun border with different shapes and colors!​

Total price: $10

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