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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Love is in the air as we roll into February surrounded by freshly cut roses, large stuffed animals, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Girls expecting the works, singles staying hopeless romantics (stuffing their faces on Valentine’s Day night) and leaving men everywhere completely broke. Girls, we all know you love to be spoiled by your man and that they should treat you like royalty on the big V-Day, but sometimes they need a little reminder of how special they are also. “Something not too cliché but still romantic, something heartfelt but not obsessive, something homemade but not cheap…UGH.” Don’t rattle your mind any longer, ladies! These five Valentine’s Day gift ideas will leave your man feeling struck by Cupid himself.
1. “52 things I love about you.” This is an easy, DIY gift that is filled with meaning and really comes from the heart. Your guy will love this creative gift that he can keep forever to look back on and smile. All you need is a deck of cards, a single hold punch and a sharpie!
2. Tickets to a sporting event. Does your man have a favorite sport? Tickets are a great gift that guys will love and is a perfect opportunity to spend time together out of the house making memories. Guys will appreciate the thought of you doing something they like for a change and remembering their favorite sports team can also score you some extra points with this gift.
3. Care package. If your boyfriend doesn’t attend the same college as you or is enlisted in the military, a Valentine’s Day care package filled with his favorite candy, baked goods, stuffed animals and handwritten letters is always comforting for them to have while their away from you.
4. Coupon book. A homemade coupon book is always a fun way to spice things up with your man. They will give you both little surprises to look forward to even weeks after Valentine’s Day! 
5. Dinner, baking, and a massage at home. Going out to eat at a crowded, loud restaurant is overrated these days and may make things awkward when you want to pay the bill for a change. A man would love nothing more than a home cooked meal, some freshly baked cookies and a massage from his beautiful girl. So light some candles, steal a few of your mother’s recipes to impress your guy with and just have a relaxing, intimate evening with the guy you love. He will be sure to appreciate all the effort you make. 
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