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5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

There is nothing more cliché than going out to dinner with your man on Valentine’s day, correct? It’s always nice to be taken out to dinner, of course, but when you’re young, wild, and in love, a sit down dinner might bring out the yawns this February 14th. A memorable Valentine’s Day spent with the person you love is all anyone ever wants. So, spice things up this year! Make it a day and night you both will be talking about for the rest of the year. The best memories are made when you step out of the comfort zone, so tell your guy to save the dinner reservations for next weekend, and suggest these five Valentine’s Day date ideas for a special night guaranteed.
1. Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar. Skip dinner and go right for dessert! Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar is a fun way for you and your man to indulge together on Valentine’s Day. From chocolate pizza, crepes, fondue, you name it; Bathe in chocolate on the most appropriate day to do so.
2. Indoor picnic. With the unpredictable weather February has to offer, an indoor picnic is a cute way to bond with your date in a more comfortable environment such as your dorm room or living room at home. Lay down a fuzzy blanket, make some sandwiches and pretend that it’s a beautiful day in the park.
3. Scavenger hunt. You and your date each write out a scavenger hunt with clues regarding your relationship eventually leading up to a prize. For example: Go to the place where we first kissed for the next clue, Go to the place where we spend the most time together, etc. This is a fun, memorable way to spend the night around your housing buildings if you dorm at college. 
4. Chinese take-out and ice cream sundaes. Who needs a fancy dinner when you have Chinese food and ice cream? Staying in with your date on Valentine’s Day may sound unusual, however, spending some intimate time with each other can benefit the relationship even more than a fancy night out. Order in some Chinese food, put some Netflix on, and indulge in ice cream sundaes. Relaxing and laughing together will make the night special. 
5. Star gaze. There aren’t many sights more breathtaking than a sky full of bright stars. That special feeling you get when you see the beautiful night sky light up is a perfect feeling to spend with your date. Pack some snacks, lay on a comfy blanket, and pick out the constellations embracing nature’s beauty. What better way to end the night than with a smooch under the stars. 
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