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5 Things to Do This Holiday Season If You’re Single

As many of you probably know, being single sucks around Christmas time. If only you had someone to cuddle up next to the fire with or kiss underneath of the mistletoe… stop right there – I’m here to let all of my single ladies know that there is no need to get yourself down if you are single this holiday season.  

1. Buy Yourself a Gift

Trying to find Christmas gifts for other people is already hard enough, but the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your significant other is even harder. If you’re single this Christmas, try buying yourself a Christmas present since we all know you deserve it!

2. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

The best part of the holidays are the ongoing Christmas movies that play the entire month. It would be great to cuddle up next to your partner and enjoy your favorite Christmas movies but it’s just as much fun to cuddle up next to your pet, relax, and watch the movies YOU want. 

3. Spend as Much Time as You Can with Your Family

If you’re like me, your family means the world to you and you couldn’t imagine Christmas without them. I’ve watched friends who are in relationships try to plan out their Christmas in order to fit in time with their significant other, but if you are single, you can sit back and enjoy the holiday with your family.

4. Do What You Want to Do

The holidays are all about you being happy. Whether that means sleeping in, eating a ton of cookies, playing in the snow, anything that makes you happy. Now, who said being single during the holidays is a “bad thing”!?

5. Kiss Yourself Under the Mistletoe

Being single, you dread seeing cute couples kiss underneath the mistletoe. The mistletoe is an excuse to kiss the person you love, so who better to kiss under the mistletoe than yourself? Metaphorically speaking… a.k.a LOVE YOURSELF :)


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