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5 Things To Do During Spring Break

Not all college students have plans for Spring Break but as depressing as that sounds, it’s not the end of the world! If this is you, here a 5 things you can do during your long-awaited, well-deserved 7-day-weekend!


SPRING CLEANING. What better way to spend your Spring Break than Spring cleaning? Okay, okay… We can think of few, too! But while we admit that Spring cleaning is probably the least exciting thing on your Spring Break to-do list, hey – it’s better than doing nothing! – and we guarantee that once you’re done, you’ll feel as if the universe is smiling upon you. So turn up the volume on your favorite playlist and get to it!


NETFLIX-A-THON. Truth be told, the only thing a college student loves more than Google, is Netflix. But can you blame us? After a long (and cold!) second-half of the semester, there’s no better pastime than catching up on those movies and TV series that you love but didn’t have the time to watch. Binge-watch all you want – we’re not passing judgement ‘cause we’re doing it, too!


VOLUNTEER. You’ve got seven days of freedom and nothing to do, so why not lend a helping hand? There are always opportunities to volunteer somewhere because there is always someone in need, and besides the cliché of it “looking good on your resumé,” it’ll make you feel good and make someone else feel even better.


EXERCISE. Let’s face it, as college students, and especially in the winter (hello, hibernation!), we sometimes tend to slack in the exercise department. A full week is enough to at least try getting back to the basics of your exercise routine, so when summer rolls around, you will already have been well on your way to that summer bod!


PAMPER YOURSELF. Like any adult, we’re so busy during the semester that we don’t always have the time to focus on our wants and needs. How about a trip to the salon for a long-overdue trim and a mani-pedi? Now that sounds heavenly! You can even make it a mom and daughter date, or a date with your best girlfriend. Just remember to relax and enjoy!



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Imani is a full-time junior student attending Montclair State University where she majors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is happy to be the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus Montclair chapter!
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