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5 Signs You’re a Red Hawk About to Leave the Nest

You feel so old

Is it just me or is everyone new you meet outside of class at least 2 years younger than you? The soon-to-be graduate you is trying to be a sensible adult, but your inner freshman is incredibly envious of those newbies at the start of their glorious college journey.


You’re constantly being asked, “So, what are your plans after graduation?” Or worse, “Did you find a full time job yet?”

If you would like to see a college senior have a nervous breakdown, by all means pick your poison. Does anyone REALLY know what they’re doing or are we all just good at pretending?


Life does not seem to give you a break (I’m looking at you, professors)

We’re in the midst of planning our lives, which is constantly being interrupted by essays, exams and presentations. How does one successfully adult? HELP


You don’t exactly feel like an adult, but you don’t feel like a kid or teenager either

You’re in this weird limbo and it’s almost like reliving those awkward stages that you thought were way behind you. The thought of working a 9-5 is terrifying, especially when you realize you will be the youngest in the office. Also, have you noticed that your newsfeed is becoming filled with more and more engagement and baby posts? When did we stop being kids ourselves? Being consumed in the bubble that is college has pushed the thought of the ‘real world’ far, far away. . . at least for the last 4 years.


You feel nostalgic about everything . . .

Like the way campus comes to life in the springtime with sweet sounds of laughter and music or the way NYC’s skyline shines back at you on a clear day. Or when you see Rocky the Red Hawk walking around campus at random times and even the statue we love to hate, but have all taken a picture with. We’re going to miss it all!


So, here’s to you, fellow Red Hawks – Class of 2016. You’ve made it through the most challenging, yet rewarding years. Here’s to day the first day of the rest of your lives. It’s finally time to close the chapter you’ve been writing for the past 4 years and start a new one. Leaving the nest may seem daunting at first, but if you spread your wings to fly, there is no doubt that you will soar.


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