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5 Sandals Under $30

Summer is fast approaching and it is almost time to expose our beautiful feet (after a serious pedicure, of course) to some much-needed Vitamin D. However, before that can be done, new sandals need to be purchased! Sandals can be so versatile and come in so many different styles, shapes, and colors. Let’s not forget about how cute wedges can be also! Finding sandals for cheap can sometimes be a bit of an issue though, so here is a quick list of five cute sandals all under $30!


These shoes are found on Payless for the low price of $19.99 (there on sale right now!) or $26.99 regularly priced. Payless is my go to store in the summer when I need a new pair of sandals or wedges for an event last minute, as the shoes are usually fairly cheap and within my price range while also being cute and comfortable.

Next up found on Call It Spring, one of my favorite stores ever, is a simple spring sandal that is versatile enough that it can be worn basically anywhere and with every outfit you possibly can think of. The simple strap makes it a cute sandal to add to every outfit all for the price of $29.99!

Our first wedge is from Forever 21 and it is only $24.90! This shoe would be absolutely adorable to where to barbecues in the summer or to any formal events as well. I can just imagine myself 4th of July weekend strutting around in a cute summer dress and these beauties…

For our ladies who like the gladiator sandal style, here we have some cute shoes from another one of my favorite sites, 6pm, and for the price of $29.99. At 6pm, they are 33% marked off from their regular merchandiser who prices them at $44.95. That is for sure a steal worth taking a look at!

Finally, this shoe is from DSW, the best place on earth to find shoes for cheap! These shoes are originally from Aerosoles and would be priced at $59.99, but at DSW they are only $29.94. These shoes would go adorably with a cute summer dress or just a pair of shorts and a T-shirt!


And there you have it, ladies! Five different pairs of sandals and wedges all from five different stores under $30.00. Be sure to take advantage and look your cutest this summer!

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