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5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps Every Collegiette Needs

Smartphones are pretty awesome for checking email and browsing the web at any moment we need to, but one of the coolest features of Smartphones that we seem to forget about is the variety of apps available for download. We’re all so comfortable with the standard ones – Facebook, Instagram, and Shazam, that we seem to forget there’s actually more out there. Well, it’s time to step it up, collegiettes! Whip out your iPhone or Android and download these 5 must-have (and FREE!) apps now.

  1. My Days – Freaking out over what day your period was supposed to come? Can’t remember exactly when that last one night stand was? Girls, we go through this EVERY month. So why not let an app handle all that for you? My Days is an app that tracks your menstrual periods, lets you know which days of the month you’ll be ovulating, and allows you to make note of days you were “intimate”. The app even predicts which days your next period, and every period after that, is due. It’s really stress-free to just open up My Days and know exactly which day to should expect your period rather than guessing every month!
  2. Montclair State University Red Hawk Dollars – If you’re like me, you don’t have a meal plan (Village Students!) and you never carry cash. So those hour long breaks in between classes on campus mean I starve since practically every café on campus takes cash, swipes, or Red Hawk Dollars. But with this new app, you’ll never be stuck in that position again. The Montclair Red Hawk Dollars app allows you to transfer money from your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) onto your Student ID to use as Red Hawk Dollars. You can transfer any amount at a time, and for those of you who have a meal plan, check your Flex and swipe balance. Plus there’s an extra perk for those of you who lose things frequently. We’ve all heard stories of our friends Student ID’s getting lost or stolen, then finding out all their Flex Dollars have been used up by the next day. This app conveniently lets you cancel your account while it’s lost, to avoid unauthorized spending on your account. Thanks MSU!
  3. Circle of 6 – Ever been on a really awkward date or situation when you’re literally staring at your phone, hoping someone will call and get you out of it? This app is great for all types of situations. Set your Circle of 6, choosing up to six of your besties. With the press of a button, you can send a notification to your circle either asking for an interruption with a phone call, or a message to display your precise GPS location if you’re lost or need a ride. Talk about a savior!
  4. Closet Lite – Out shopping and trying to remember what that new top you bought looks like so you can find pants to match it? Hanging with friends on campus, trying to figure out a cute outfit to wear at night? Download Closet Lite to take a look into your closet whenever you’re not home. With this free app, you can browse through your tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories and even put outfits together based on the items in your closet. Just snap a quick photo of each item in your closet and simply add it to the proper category in your closet. For those of you who hate repeating an outfit every week or so, you can even track which day you wear certain pieces of clothing!
  5. My Fitness Pal – A new, fresh semester also comes with new goals. If getting back into shape is one of them, check out this free fitness app. My Fitness Pal allows you to set your goal weight if you have one, track your daily calorie intake by simply searching for the items you ate throughout the day, and monitor any major nutrients you may be getting too much or too little of. As a bonus, you can even track your workouts! This app definitely makes fitness a little easier! 

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