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5 Lessons I Learned My Freshman Year

We often feel lost and confused our freshman year of college. So here are five lessons that I learned my first year of college. These lessons made a huge difference in my sophomore year of college: 

You will mess up!

We are still growing into the individuals that we will be 10 years from now. We are learning and we are simply human, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from getting in the game,” or at least I think that is what Hilary Duff says in The Cinderella Story. You will fail at times but the most important part of you failing is the lessons you will learn. Your failure is your second chance to do better than your first attempt. 

The directions to your destination may change!

My biggest mistake freshman year was over planning. I spent a good amount of my free time during my first semester of college trying to map out a four-year plan for my college career. Before the semester was half way through I was burnt out. I would get so upset when things would not go the way I had planned them. I thought if my Plan A and B weren’t working, it was the end of the world. What I did not realize at the time is the directions to my destination may change. You ever used a GPS and make a turn that was not recommended? The GPS does not cut off and give up on you. That GPS takes a few seconds or minutes to gather itself. In that time that GPS reroutes and it gives you new directions that lead you to your destination. When obstacles arrive in our path we must reroute and find/create new directions to our destination.

If the cons outweigh the pros, reconsider!

We often weigh our options, when registering for a class, buying a car, applying/accepting a position for an internship, or choosing a major. Usually, we go with the choice that has more benefits, more pros. In college, I noticed that I stopped weighing my options as much as I usually would. When I was accepted into a summer internship program I would jump on it because everyone said it was what I should do. That same program may not have been the best fit for me at the time, didn’t cater to my interest, or simply was not where I preferred to spend my time. Although at that exact time in my life the program was not best for me I allowed the opinions of others to outweigh my cons. If you are uncertain or unmotivated by the idea of something reconsider your involvement. You don’t have to major in biology because mom and dad said so, you don’t have to take an internship because all the other students in your major are competing for it, and you do not have to be a part of groups you do not identify with just in the hopes of fitting in.

Reflect to appreciate!

After the first week, month, or semester of college things in your life will automatically feel different. This is a journey in your life that will mold your future. It is important to reflect on how much you have learned and how far you have come in a week, month, or semester of college. When you reflect on your growth, you are able to appreciate the stress or struggle you experienced. 

Enjoy the now!

Try to enjoy what is currently happening in your life. We often dismiss the good things that are currently going on for us instead of celebrating them while they are happening. I spent a lot of my time freshman year worried about how I could reach the next level instead of being proud of the hard work and accomplishments I was experiencing at the moment. With everything else do not forget to give yourself credit! 


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I am a Jurisprudence, Law, and Society major at Montclair State University with a minor in Leadership through civic engagement. I am also a Self Love enthusiast on Youtube ( Teegabrielle ). I am a Team Leader for Jumpstart at MSU where I work towards bridging the literature skills gap in the preschool classrooms of public schools. [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLjtZPh5AtFmM2Ldf_h9z8g
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