5 Fashion Trends the 2010s Gave Us

Another year, another decade gone. A lot of political and social events have defined this era in history books and our minds. From runway to street style, both basic and eccentric pieces took center stage these past 10 years. Fashion trends have come and gone since 2010 to now, and a lot has been forgotten, but a lot has been so impactful we’re still using the trends today.


Bootcut to the New Staples: Skinny Jeans and Leggings

Many late 2000s trends left as soon as they were introduced, until the re-introduction of skinny jeans in 2010. The return of the skinny jeans sparked interest in a whole new market of customers - kids. When I was a kid growing up in 2010, skinny jeans changed my life! Everyone at school was wearing their jeans from Aeropostale or American Eagle Outfitters. 


Since Forever 21 was still very popular among middle and high schoolers in the early 2010s, a lot of girls started buying yoga pants and leggings (and even jeggings) for those days they wanted to have a more comfortable and relaxed look.


Hippie and Grunge 

A lot of hippie and grunge influences came back from the 70s and 90s, and have evolved since then to fit the look of the 2010s. Hippie trends that came back were palazzo pants, (wide ankle-length pants and usually made with soft material) crocheted tops and off the shoulder tops; these were especially perfect pieces for the spring and summer time. Grunge influences were fit for the fall and winter, because they included motorcycle jackets (which I still wear), flannels, ripped jeans in skinny, boyfriend and straight leg cuts and black combat boots. Doc Martens gained more popularity as people picked up on the 90s trend and were even open and accepting of colors other than black.


Hipster Style 

That defining MOMENT in 2010 fashion: hipster fashion! Everyone either secretly emulated a hipster vibe OR they were the ones mocking the hipster style, especially boys who got more confidence to wear their Ray-Ban prescription glasses. For women, skinny jeans with band tees and a choker came back and this was heavily influenced by the 90s once again. 


Vintage clothing (especially with lace patterns) got more popularity as hipsters would raid Goodwills and their local shops for anything with lace and floral patterns. The lace, floral and band tee wave got so popular Forever 21 always had their stores stocked with every single possible pattern you could think of.


Platforms to Dad Shoes

Another trend from the 90s - platforms. Platform shoes came back in both heels and sneakers, and every girl was content with the variety of shoes offered. Lady Gaga became known for her signature platform heel craze because they were eccentric and attracted a lot of attention. 

From Converse, Doc Martens, to Steve Madden - everyone was making platform shoes. The platform eventually transformed into block heels, and the sneaker version became Dad shoes. Nationwide those chunky Fila Disruptors were sold out and were close cousins of Balenciaga Triple S Trainers. This trend is still riding out its wave and maybe one of the first trends to reappear during the 2020s. 


The Kardashian Effect 

Some people may not like the Kardashian-Jenner family, but there’s no doubting the impact these women have made in fashion. Kendall might be a model, but Kim was pretty famous in her early career for wearing Juicy Couture and eventually making her switch to wearing Yeezy and Balmain. Everything from athleisure, bike shorts, to the clear Yeezy heels and sweats combo and mini Balmain dresses. 


The Kardashian-Jenner family have made an impact in both fashion and beauty during the 2010s; Good American (Khole and Emma Grede’s brand), KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics 


Kardashians and 90s influences manifested what would become of the 2010s and remains a transition in fashion. The 2010s documented a few cringe-worthy patterns and original trends, but definitely picked up a few of its own promised pieces to carry onto the 2020s.