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5 Energy-Boosting Foods to Eat While Studying

5 Energy-Boosting Foods to Eat While Studying!



Syllabus Week is over and with its end, we welcome the beginning of the remaining amount of weeks in the Fall 2014 semester (13 weeks, to be exact… But, hey – who’s counting?). To help start your semester off strong, we’ve compiled a list of five energy-boosting/brain-promoting foods you can eat to keep both your energy and brain levels high while studying! Remember: treat your brain like you’d treat your car – just as your car cannot function properly without fuel, your brain cannot function properly without energy.


  • WHOLEGRAINS: Contrary to popular belief, wholegrains are NOT boring! Add “wheat-y” foods, such as brown cereal and pasta, to your diet – doing so not only tastes delicious but it will also serve as an energy supplement that will deliver blood to your brain
  • FISH: Omega-3 fatty acids, which not only promote a healthy brain but also a healthy heart, exist naturally within oily fish such as salmon, trout and sardines. Seafood-lovers – this one’s for you!
  • BLUEBERRIES: Memory foam is good. Memory loss? Not so much. Studies suggest that blueberries especially aid in the fight against our worst nemesis: short-term memory loss
  •  PUMPKIN SEEDS: If you haven’t already figured, anything with the word “pumpkin” in front of it is an absolute must (hello, seasonal Starbucks promotions!). Pumpkin seeds are zinc-filled and therefore enhance the memory and thinking skills
  • NUTS: Who says going nuts is a bad things? Nuts of various kinds are vitamin-E filled, thus helping prevent the occurrence of cognitive decline. Go ahead – go nuts!


Imani is a full-time junior student attending Montclair State University where she majors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is happy to be the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus Montclair chapter!
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