5 Dorm Room Tips On Staying Zen This Semester

Hello, new semester! Want to start the new semester feeling zen? Here are some tips to make your new home at college your sanctuary, your retreat, your place to relax and de-stress.

  1. 1. Keep your room clutter FREE

    You can declutter by getting rid of stuff that you don't use. You can make it a point to remove anything you haven't used for a year or more. Make it your goal to find ways to store the things you keep in shelving or bins neatly. Also, having a set place for all of your items keeps you organized and reduces stress when you look for items.

  2. 2. Neutral tones

    Did you ever hear how colors can affect your mood? Well, if you didn't believe it, BELIEVE IT; it’s true! Soft pink, tan, beige, and ESPECIALLY white are some of the top neutral colors. These neutral colors can make your room feel and look fresh. Your mood can be changed into a calm state of mind. The warmer and larger your dorm room looks, the calmer and more relaxing it can feel.

  3. 3. Go green! Become a plant mommy

    One great way to add some character into your dorm is by adding a plant into your room decor. Adding a plant into your dorm room brings the outdoor aspect of the zen lifestyle.

  4. 4. Soft glow soothes the soul

    Having the right lighting in your dorm room makes a big difference. Soft lighting has a soothing and relaxing effect vs. a bright light beaming in your eyes.

  5. 5. Keeping your room clean

    Don't you just love coming back home to a clean room? Well, it can be the same with your dorm after you come back from your exhausting long classes for the day. It is important to keep the zen you worked hard to create. Make it a habit to clean regularly and get rid of things you are no longer using. Make sure to keep everything in its place. Maybe you’re like me and cleaning is not your most favorite chore but keeping it clean and neat is important to maintaining a zen dorm room.