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5 Best Places to Eat In NYC!

We all know when visiting a new place, one of our top priorities is finding great food while we’re there! In a city as large and diverse as New York City, it can be hard to trust every sign that says “best pizza” or “best coffee” on every corner. We have recently contacted a few New York natives to give you a list of the five truly best places to eat while visiting the city!

It is necessary that you get the best pizza you possibly can!

1. Best pizza: Bella Vita’s

Aside from the best pizza, there are tons of great Spanish places to go as well.

2. Best Mexican: El Rancho Burritos AND Taqueria Tehuitzingo

You don’t have to go all the way to Ireland for a great pub, stop by here for great food and a great time!

3. Best pub: Mulligans

Don’t waste your time roaming China town for overpriced food, when you could go to:

4. Best Chinese noodles: Ollie’s Noodles

And if you are still hungry, you can always grab a quick snack at the infamous,

5. Best snack: Shmackarys cookies

*Bonus restaurant, for a night out with the girls make sure you stop by the Sugar Factory!

If you want more information on the best kept secrets of New York, make sure to visit www.local-flare.com for tons of updates!


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