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Though small, your nails are the perfect statement piece and can literally make your outfit.  Stuck on the same polish or mani you were wearing in high school? Fall is the perfect time to break out of your nail routine and venture into colorful patterns. Check out these trends before your next nail appointment.

Animal print

This season we’re seeing leopard print everywhere. From totes to skirts, shoes, and nails. Liven up your claws with a cheetah print, tortoiseshell print or some zebra stripes. Too loud? Accompany a nude mani with a print as your statement nail. 

Lean into fall with some green

Just because the leaves are turning orange doesn’t mean our nails have to. If iced matcha latte green is too vibrant, you can mute it with a matte topcoat or keep those summer vibes alive with a moss or emerald tone polish. No green thumb necessary to keep your vibes alive. 

Glitter makes everything better

If warm tones are your fall weakness, elevate it with some sparkle. Ask your nail tech for gold leaf details or if you wanna ball on a budget check out these easy to apply maple leaf nail sequins

Do like Picasso

Unleash your inner artist and collaborate with your nail tech for the ultimate abstract vibes. Ask for overlapping shapes, colors and patterns. You’ll thank me later. 

Now that your nail inspo wishlist is at maximum capacity, what are you waiting for? Head to your nail tech ASAP or make it a DIY project!

Ana Hilario

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