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3 Things to Do as We Welcome Back the Sun

The sun is out, flowers are popping up left and right, and there are people taking walks for fun again since they don’t have to worry about their limbs freezing. Oh yes, spring has finally sprung and what better way to celebrate than by shaking up your plans! Throw away the daily schedule of getting to class and strategically staying inside the building as long as possible because it’s too cold out. It’s time to get out there and get creative, but if you’re running low in the idea department, here are some for you.

1. Become more active on campus!

There are always things to do on your college campus, even if it doesn’t seem like that. For Montclair State students, check out HawkSync, which holds a portal for every organization on campus. If you’re ever wondering whether an event’s going on, the organization in question will more than likely have it up on HawkSync. Make sure to always check the Red Hawk News emails in your inbox as well, they have up to date information on what’s happening on campus during the week. 

Participating in events on campus can seem pointless, but you never know what’s going to happen. You could make a new friend, make a career connection and most of the time, you definitely leave the event with either free stuff or free food. Events are also the perfect ice-breaker. If you’ve made a new friend and you really want to further your friendship but you don’t know how, invite them to an event that’s going on after class or later on in the week. Arts and crafts, swimming pool movie night and a baseball game are all perfect opportunities to hang out and learn more about one another.

Also, it’s all just good, plain ole fun. I know it’s tempting to run back to your dorm or your car after class is over, but if you’ve got some extra time, why not seek out an event? What else will you be doing, scrolling aimlessly on your phone for an hour?

2. Start a new hobby.

Yes, you don’t need the sun to start a new hobby, but when the sun is around, that means the weather is much nicer. And if the weather is better, that opens up a lot of hobby possibilities. 

Photography, biking, hiking, outdoor jogging, bird watching and antiquing are all things that get easier when the weather is nicer and warmer. Your fingers won’t freeze, you’ll get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and you won’t want to bow out early because snow has sunk through your boots and soaked your socks. 

When the sun is out, that also means places and events will be popping up that weren’t available before, due to the cold weather. Who knows. . .maybe visiting botanical gardens could be your hobby, you just haven’t realized it yet.

3. Care more about the environment.

It’s obvious that caring for the environment is a full-time gig, but when spring rolls around, people spend more time outside. It’s a lot easier to notice your surroundings when everything isn’t covered in snow.

As the weather improves, try starting clean-up projects in your communities or encourage others to look into solar panel energy for their home. Creating your own home compost and reducing your trash levels are also great ideas, but you know what’s the best idea that the return of sunshine allows?

Home. Gardening. 

Now, this might be easier for commuters but for dorming students, make a quick call home and encourage your family to try out a home garden if they don’t have one already! Home gardening does take a lot of work and it can be difficult, but the outcome can be really pretty (flowers) or really useful (vegetables). It encourages insects to come around (bees and butterflies, depending on the flowers you pick) and it can actually save you some money if you decide to grow your own produce. And if you do it right, there’s no better produce to trust than your own! Here are some helpful tips and tricks if you’re interested in starting a vegetable garden. Again it takes a lot, but once the flowers bloom or the vegetables are ready to harvest, it’s all worth it. Besides, if there’s a patch in your backyard that’s been sitting barren for years, why not put it to use?

I suppose that’s all I’ve got; say hi to the sun for me!​

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Ashley Altieri

Montclair '19

Ashley is a double major at Montclair State University; she majors in English and Psychology, while minoring in Mythology. She is part of the Pinterest team for her branch and is also a contributing writer. When not getting wound up in academia, she's either with her friends, with her computer, or with a good cup of coffee. Instagram: ashleyaltrose
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