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3 Must-Read Books for Collegiettes

No collegiettes, you won’t find 50 Shades of Grey on this list…and aren’t you glad about that? The hot, sticky summer is on its way out, along with that hot, sticky trilogy. With September already in gear, back-to-school means three things: your future, hot college boys, and fall fashion. When you have a little free time off from studying at Sprague, or partying, step up your reading list with one of these inspirational self-help books you can refer to all throughout the semester. 

  1. All Work, No Pay by Lauren Berger – College is all about building an education to use in your future career, and while classes are important to teach us the basics, we all know those required gen-eds don’t teach us much about getting there. Having an internship throughout college is key to finding a job post-graduation, but how many of you actually know where to start? Especially you, freshmen! Jump start your career by reading tips key tips on writing perfectly polished cover letters, nailing an interview, and gaining the most out of your internship. All Work, No Pay is an excellent guide to career decisions and breaking into your “professional” side.
  2. Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov – Don’t take the meaning so literally; no guy really wants to date a bitchy girl. However, we all know the nice girl is usually the one to finish last. This relationship guide helps women stay on top when it comes to dating men and discover how to be compelling and strong in relationships. Are you that girl who loses herself in relationships and just becomes “so-and-so’s girlfriend” rather than an individual? Learn how to hold your own and maintain independence while working your way through the difficult world of dating. 
  3. Style by Lauren Conrad – Since Laguna Beach flooded our televisions in middle school, LC was our style icon. As she grew out of her high school nickname, her everyday beach look transitioned into a variety of classy, polished looks. Style covers all aspects of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Learn how to master her iconic ballerina bun, the many ways to wear the LBD, and the essentials every girl needs in her wardrobe. While all of us have our own, individual looks, this book hits the basics, allowing you to work your own style into each of Lauren’s suggestions.

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