3 Different Sources to Use to Find the Best Flight Price for Your Next Trip

Flight costs can really make or break your budget when you’re looking to plan a trip to your next bucket-list destination. Airfares tend to skyrocket during spring/summer when tourist season is at its highest for most countries. However, people are still constantly trying to get the best deal possible without breaking the bank. As a university student, when looking to book my next trip, I usually surf the web for a good few weeks until I find the best airfare price. My decision is based upon comparing prices when flying out of EWR vs. JFK while providing convenience through distance. Because I highly encourage my peers to travel abroad while you have the time and opportunities to, I’ve decided to share 3 different websites that have helped me get the best rates. 

  1. 1. Going Directly on the Airline’s Website

    Going on an airline’s website, if there’s an airline you specifically desire to fly on, is always a great idea. Sometimes they will give you considerably low rates that you wouldn’t find through another source. For example, when booking a trip to London for NYE, I was able to book a flight to LHR for $550 round trip on British Airways two months before my departure. That’s a pretty great deal considering the holiday season is always a busy one for traveling! By going on British Airways’ website directly, I was able to score a low-cost round trip for NYE. This shows it’s never a bad idea to check an airline’s website for special deals and discounts!

  2. 2. Student Universe

    Student Universe is a booking website *hint* specifically for students! They offer access to exclusive deals, discounts, and giveaways for flights, hotels, and packages. Student Universe is another great source to use when comparing prices because you’re getting deals the general public doesn’t have access to. They offer special discounts as well for Black Friday, Christmas, Spring Break, etc. When you first sign up, you’re emailed a welcome gift with $20 off your first flight!

  3. 3. Google Flights

    Google Flights is a widely popular source consumers use to book flights. They provide the ease of looking for trips easily with one search with flexibility. Additionally, Google Flights gives you the option to “price track” certain flight routes you’re interested in if you’re not ready to book yet. This way, when a flight’s airfare rises or declines substantially, you will be notified and can base your decision from there.

I hope I was able to give you lots of insightful tips when it comes to finding the best airfare prices! While traveling can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be as long as you know how to find the best deals while saving money!