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2017: The Year of the Peach

Among all the crazy beauty challenges and looks that claim to be in style, there is one trend that has been sweeping makeup enthusiasts off of their feet as of late. 2017 has thus far belonged to the peach – the sweet and juicy fruit that makes us think of summertime and whose colors remind us of the sunrise in the dawn. A fruit that has been seen as both sweet and seductive, and has caused infatuation.

But in terms of makeup, it is the colors of the peach that have makeup lovers going crazy this year – its pinks, oranges, yellows, and mix of all three, has given makeup wearers all that they have been dreaming of.

But what is interesting in this trend is the different takes on the peach that cosmetic brands are producing. We started the end of 2016 staying up late to try and purchase from Too Faced’s Sweet Peach collection, only to be introduced to Kylie Cosmetics own peach themed palette, The Royal Peach Palette, a couple months later (we also had Colourpop with their own peach themed bundles for customers to purchase.) Too Faced gave us the scent of peach as we opened up its palettes and a variety of peach related colors, while Kylie contrasted her peach tones with a powerful blue.

Both lines have given their consumers the chance to be subtle with its pinks and corals, but to also be daring with its purples and blues, perfectly capturing the two notions that the peach has come to mean itself.

Peach has officially taken over, with online promotions and in-store events at Sephora that demonstrate how to use the palettes and the perfect color combinations. Peach is everywhere, and there is no escaping it, but are we trapped by this trend? Is the over production from multiple brands too overwhelming, or is it exactly what we need? Why now has using peach come back to us after years of dark smokey eyes and dramatic bold lips?

When we look at it, peach is the shade that is for everyone. It can be used on days where we don’t want to seem to be wearing makeup and just want a simple touch of color, or we can use it to make a statement, to highlight the features we have been blessed with and to have them noticed. It can be used by all and does not need to be limited to the spring time any longer, as we have seen through the models and artists who inspire our own ways of pulling off this color. One may be hesitant to apply a bright orange to their eyes, but it can inflict the most graceful of blends with the other tones we set on our eyes – it can be the natural tint in our cheeks on a cloudy day, and the pop of colors on our lips when we feel like no longer being invisible.

With whatever brand you choose to purchase from, you are, without a doubt, about to have your makeup dreams come true. 2017 belongs to the peach, and it is a takeover that I am not objecting to one little bit. The peach has given us a world of opportunity in our appearance, and it is something that we should hold on to, even after it goes “out of style.”

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