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If you’re graduating this May, you probably have experienced the 17 roller-coaster emotions that come with senior year. For you underclassman who are counting down your days to senior year – here is the true experience of your last semester, told through gifs.

Imagine . . . 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Happy New Year!

Ahhhhh, last semester – you’re ready. You’ve done three years and now it’s over.
Then you get your spring semester bill in the mail. But at this point (unless you’re going to grad school) you don’t even care how much debt you’re in because THIS IS IT, THE LAST BILL OF YOUR UNDERGRAD CAREER.
First day of classes officially kills the joy of Winter Break. As you get back into the classroom the first week of school packs on the class expectations.

And it only gets worse from there. The fantasy of taking day trips to the city, grabbing brunch with friends and going to school twice a week disappear.

Soon, you find yourself balancing school, work and internships.
All in the hopes of getting a job after graduation.

Whoever knew that you could drink so much coffee?

And you’re counting down the days until spring break.

The weekends, however, are a glorious blessing.

Back at it on Monday and you find yourself asking, “What is sleep?”

Exams start to approach and you wonder how bad you can fail yet still finish your courses with A’s.

All while handing in your final paperwork and advisor’s signatures for graduation.

At this point, you really consider why you didn’t register for 40 yoga classes and call it a semester.

Winter makes everything better.

Somehow, you send out a semi-updated resume and job applications while finishing final projects.

And complete your exams without having a mental breakdown.

All to say that you have officially conquered college.

Congrats grad, you’ve survived senior year

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