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13 Halloween Traditions From Your Childhood That You Should Revisit

Halloween, or as it was once known, All Hallows Eve, is believed to be the one day that the spirits of the dead can come back to earth. Costumes were worn so people could disguise themselves from spirits seeking vengeance and jack o’ lanterns were used to guide those souls back to their earthly homes, as well as protect the honest. All Saints and All Souls followed and the three days were used as a remembrance of the dead.

However, as a kid, you could probably have cared less about the history of Halloween. Halloween was all about those classroom parties and dressing up as your favorite superhero, but most importantly filling up your pillowcase with candy to last you the month. While Halloween may have lost its childlike luster, it’s time to bring it back by doing what you loved as a kid.

Decorating The House

While you may be away from home during the season, that doesn’t mean your dorm needs to be neglected from Halloween décor. You can call mom up to see if you can borrow some old decorations or start a collection of your own. You can also have some fun and make some of your own with your roommates (paper bats and ghost are the ultimate Halloween throwback!)

Haunted House

There were two types of kids growing up – those that jumped at the opportunity to go to a haunted house and those that were too scared to. Maybe you’re still too scared for these, but going with a tight group of friends can make it all better. Plus you can all have a good laugh about how scared you guys were after you survive it!

Pumpkin and Apple Picking

Oh the memory of those long car rides with the family to the orchards, trying the free samples of apple cider and hoping to convince mom to take home the biggest pumpkin! Get together with a group of friends or your significant other for a trip back to the orchards!

Scaring People

You were a master at scaring your siblings, now it’s time to bring those old jokes back. Sure, your friends may be a little upset with you at the moment of the prank, but just think that 10 years from now it will be another hilarious story to tell each other when you need a good laugh.

Corn Maze

If you were lucky enough to visit an orchard with a corn maze, that was something you DID NOT take for granted. Find a corn maze nearby and have fun with your friends as you see who will be the first to get out of the maze! Hopefully you won’t get as lost as you did as a kid.

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin picking and pumpkin craving pretty much go hand in hand. Our mom’s may have been a little over cautious about letting us carve our own, but now is the time to pick your favorite characters and make your scariest jack o’ lantern ever.

Caramel Apples

Apples have many uses during this time of the year and one of the most popular (and delicious) ways to use them is to make caramel apples! Nothing really says Fall and Halloween like a good old Grannie Smith dipped in caramel topped off with your favorite candy or cookie crumbs.

Eating Candy

As college students, (and now technically adults) it may not be acceptable to go around the neighborhood trick or treating. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some sweets! Treat yourself and binge on all your favorite candies from when you were a kid. Forget those diets for one night and be a kid again!


We aren’t talking about any cookies here, we’re talking about those special Pillsbury Halloween cookies that you just slice and pop in the oven. Just because mom isn’t here to make them doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy their sugary goodness – its nostalgia in cookie form.

Bobbing For Apples

An old Halloween party classic that would spark intense competition over who could get the most apples; this is one party game that you should definitely bring back for your own parties! Don’t worry about messing up your costume because the eternal glory you’ll get by beating everyone will be so worth it.

Scary Movie Marathon

It isn’t Halloween until Hocus Pocus or HalloweenTown start playing. However, while your childhood favorites are a must, you can also trade them in for scary movies like Scream or classics like The Wolfman. Even witches get an upgrade in movies like in The Craft, so it’s time to pop some popcorn and enjoy. (Don’t forget to check out ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween!)

Hay Rides

Whether you’re going with a group or making a date out of it, a hay ride in Fall is the perfect night out when you’re not sure what do on a weekend! Want more excitement? Try a haunted hay ride!

Dressing up

It doesn’t matter if you’re going out to a party or staying in and passing out candy, Halloween is the one day of the year where you can literally be anything you want to be. Play it up! Have fun making or buying your costume and play around with your make-up to be as authentically spooky as you can be! Whether you’re a witch or your favorite celebrity, just be sure you dress up and have fun!

Happy Halloween Collegiettes!

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