10 Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day

Attention, all single ladies! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I know you must be thinking, “Ugh, who cares?” With the negative stigma surrounded around this holiday for some, it’s understandable. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be a reminder that you’re alone. In fact, it’s a reminder that you’re not. Who says this holiday is only about couples? It’s about love in any shape or form - whether it’s something you love doing or about those you enjoy spending time with. Rather than allowing this day to make you sad or bitter, consider partaking in these fun activities listed below. Besides, good vibes and lots of chocolate are guaranteed to make any day better.

1. Go watch the anticipated film, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Whether you read the books or not, you’ll enjoy drooling over Jamie Dornan’s mysterious, sexy character, Christian Grey. It’s an even better excuse to go watch this film with your girlfriends. You can gush about him all you want without having to hear the complaints of a dude.

2. Host a secret Valentine’s Day gift session. It’s like Secret Santa, only instead of a Christmas theme, it involves lots of hearts and chocolate. This is a great excuse to do something cute and significant with your girlfriends. It always feels nice to remind your friends how much you appreciate them with a simple, thoughtful gesture.

3. Have a pampering session. Get a bunch of your single girlfriends together and just relax. With school starting and the stress of life in general, we all need time to just unwind. Do each other’s nails, hair, facials, and make up for that matter. Take lots of selfies for memories.

4. Trip to the city. The possibilities are endless in the city that never sleeps. Music makes everything better, so why not attend a concert or go out dancing with a bunch of your girlfriends? You’re guaranteed a great night out regardless of what you end up doing.

5. Go on a dinner date. You can never go wrong with doing the classic thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bunch of your girlfriends or your best guy friend. You can get glammed up and eat. I mean anything that involves getting dolled up and grabbing a bite is great, right?

6. Go on an adventure. Take the weekend off. Disconnect from all social media and go on a mini road trip somewhere. It’s something different and you’ll feel refreshed when you come back to reality. Your mind will thank you.

7. Treat yourself. During the day, you can go shopping and buy something you’ve always wanted. You’ve been dying to get those expensive jeans from Urban Outfitters? Why not splurge a little? Once in a while it’s essential to indulge. At night, you can just relax, watch movies, and stuff your face with Hershey’s Kisses. It’s good for the soul.

8. Karaoke. If you’re in the mood to just have a laugh, and see other people embarrass themselves, hit a karaoke place with girlfriends. You can pour your heart out to songs like, “Single ladies, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” and “Independent Women.” You’ll be having so much fun, you’ll be thinking, “Who needs guys?!”

9. Find a new love. No, I’m not referring to getting a boyfriend. I’m referring to trying something new. Maybe spend the day channeling your creative side. You can try anything from baking those cool cookie shots you saw on Tumblr the other day, to painting, or writing a song. At least you tried something new. And hey, you might discover something you love, or a hidden talent.

10. Treat it like any other day. If none of these activities appeal to you, just treat Valentine’s Day like a normal day. In fact, it technically is. There’s nothing wrong with doing whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy. Just go by your normal day-to-day routine and don’t let anyone bring you down about it.

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