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10 Feelings Girls Go Through When Joining a Sorority

Going through the process of joining a sorority can be one of the most joyous times of your college experience. Meeting all the sisters, going to events, and developing bonds with your fellow pledge sisters are a few things girls who are pledging experience. Even though some of these things sound appealing, there a few other things we all tend to go through when trying to become a sister.

Here are 10 feelings each girl goes through when joining a sorority!


Getting your bid and looking forward to the weeks leading up to becoming a sister is one of the best feelings!


The thought of potentially being hazed is on every girl’s mind at first, but that thought goes away pretty quickly!


Many sororities give you tasks to do during the process and many of those tasks have to get done along with your schoolwork. The amount of work usually comes as a shock to most.


Sorority events are usually held late at night even though pledges have early classes the next morning.


Many times during the process, the thought of dropping out crosses everyone’s mind at least once.


Finding time to do other activities and clubs may be a challenge.


Joining greek life comes with judgments that won’t even matter later down the road.


Patiently waiting to get through the process and finally receiving your letters.


Sticking to your word and making it through the weekly process. 


Once you’re finally a sister and knowing that this is the sorority for you!

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