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Stay Well This Summer

Summer is here and everyone can’t wait to have “fun in the sun” here are some tips to stay healthy and make the most of your summer.
One of the most important things to healthy is to protect your skin. When you’re planning on being out it the sun for long periods of time wear sunscreen and avoid burning to also avoid skin cancer.
Overall, though healthy eating will also help you have a very enjoyable summer. The key is to keep everything in moderation. An iced Latte is great, but not everyday; try an iced tea or flavored water every once in a while. Instead of the usual ice cream, try a frozen yogurt or a flavored ice treat sometime.
Another, okay obvious, key is to stay hydrated! By staying hydrated you will avoid those nasty headaches that come with not drinking enough. Something that has popped up recently is that chocolate milk is very good for you after exercise; in fact it may even rehydrate you better than things like Gatorade or PowerAde!
And speaking of exercising if you plan on running or biking to stay fit this summer if you do it before or after the hottest parts of the day it won’t be as taxing on your body. If you can’t find the time for that, swimming is a great way to cool off and work almost every muscle in your body!
So just remember to be safe and have a great summer!

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