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Eric Reimer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montana chapter.

The Vitals:
Age: 44
Assistant proff of English
Sign: Gemini

Why is the University of Montana your favorite?
Looking at Main Hall and Mount Sentinal from the oval never gets old. I have great colleagues, and the students seem more mature here and more open to the world.

Where can someone find you on the weekends?
Watching my boys play soccer at Fort Missoula; looking for a bottle of inky wine at The Good Food Store.

What did you learn from your first heartbreak?

Apparently that Facebook can’t connect everyone- I’m still searching for that girl with whom I held hands during story hour in kindergarten.

What piece of advice could you give to females in college?
Oh, I’m sure I’m singularly underqualified to offer them advice! But taking a couple of literature classes and walking around campus like they own the place would be a good start!

Any weird traits you are known for?
Surely too many to recount here, but I will say I will do just about anything for a good sniff of lavender.

By: Caitlyn Fransen

Campus Correspondant- My Campus Montana, colettemaddock@hercampus.com Colette Maddock is a senior at the University of Montana (class of 2011). She is a print Journalism major and a Women's Studies minor from Whitefish, Montana. This summer she interned at Skiing Magazine. She is passionate about winter sports, and loves skiing and figure skating. In her spare time she reads tons of books, tries to cook, and spends time with her friends.