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Celebrate Women’s History Month!

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month!  This is the month (although you should think about these things during other months, too) to celebrate and remember women’s history and progress.  Who are some female role models in your life? What are some fun ways to celebrate women’s history during the month of March?  Think about it! Meanwhile, I’ll share mine…

Here are my female role models:

  1. Obviously, my mom! She is artistic, encourages freethinking, and is always positive. She also taught me to read and value my brain.
  2. Also, my sister! She likes me for me and can always find the good in people. She used to read to me. She doesn’t anymore.
  3. My professors! Especially Beth Hubble and Sara Hayden. Amazing, smart women who introduced me to feminism and instilled in me what I know will be a lifelong passion!
  4. My cousin, Lindsay. She is herself 100% and lets nothing stand in her way. She will not let her voice be silenced and she will speak what she believes.
  5. My friends! I can’t pick and choose here but ALL of my lady friends and the rest of my female family have been amazing support and are a great deal of fun.
  6. Okay, they’re not females… but I absolutely have to mention my pro-woman male friends and family! Pro-women men have the power to influence other men and spread the movement. Their hard work amazes me and I love my guys!

How to celebrate Women’s History Month?

  1. Have a girl’s night! Pick ONE night to get together with at least one good girlfriend. Don’t talk about men. Don’t talk about your bodies. Just enjoy each other’s company and be sure to laugh.
  2. Read about women’s history! Buy a book, fictional or not, by and about women! Be choosy here and pick a book that sends a positive or inspirational message. (Or just read an article or watch a video)
  3. Love yourself! Dedicate one month to refraining from self-criticism. You can only say nice things to yourself. Hopefully it keeps longer than just this month.
  4. Start following a women’s organization on Facebook. MissRepresentation, Women’s Media Center, Montana Women Vote, and Men Can Stop Rape are all great organizations that really keep on top of their Facebook pages.
  5. Tell the women in your life how important they are to you! Write a letter to your mom or just send her a text. Tell your best friend how much she means to you. Send an e-mail to a woman that inspires you. Say thank you!

Celebrating women’s history is important so that women are celebrated and heard.  There are a lot of events this month so check with the Women’s Center or the Women’s and Gender Studies department here at UM to get more information!
“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

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