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age-peg me as 23.

Major-photojournalism, minor international developement

Favorite thing about missoula- I love being able to get away to do anything outdoors within ten minutes….hiking,running, and mountain biking… I love how active missoula is

Theme song to life would be extreme ways by Moby.

Favorite day of the week- saturday…cuz there is always the hope that I have nothing to do and I can relax:)

Favorite weekend activity is hiking into natural hot springs or going to the farmers market.

Anywhere in the world would be Morrocco…the culture there has maintained itself for centuries and I think its fascinating.

What celebrity am I most like? maybe natalie portman.. I love serious peices, but I also love to have a really off the wall sense of humor. like her SNL pieces she did with Andy Sandberg…awesome!!!

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