Why “thank u, next” Is the Song the World Needed

In case you live under a rock, “thank u, next” is the biggest song in the world. The track broke Spotify streaming records and the music video broke YouTube records. If you weren’t an Ari fan before, you’re probably an Ari fan now.

There are a million amazing celebrity cameos in the video (I see you, Robbie Shapiro). A million more celebs then posted to announce that the video is iconic. Reese Witherspoon put her #grlpwr stamp of approval on the Legally Blonde scenes:

And can we discuss other bands covering the song? Amazing.

The world’s love for this song is not surprising. We all have an ex, even if they weren’t a romantic partner. This person could be a friend or family member that you don’t speak to anymore, or maybe it’s someone you loved but never made your bf or gf. No matter the situation, there’s somebody that came into your life that probably wasn’t the best person for you.

But Ari is reminding us all that it’s not a bad thing to have an ex. Every person that we encounter is meant to make an impact on our lives. 

It’s important to not allow yourself to be filled with hate and negativity, even if that person broke your heart. Instead, take the time to be grateful for the lessons that they taught you.

It’s not about giving them more credit than they may deserve. It’s about practicing self-love and not beating yourself up over the past.

There are things to be grateful for even among a totally toxic relationship – that person just taught you exactly what you don’t want in the future. Also, make sure to commend yourself for being able to move on because it’s definitely not easy. You are a total badass if you've been able to say to yourself, "Okay that sucked, but it's time for something new." 

“thank u, next” is the song of the year because it’s saying that we’re all in this together. You guys, shit happens but we need to learn from the bad to find something better!

Thanks for basically giving the world a giant hug, Ari. We’re giving you one right back.