Why It’s Important to Have Support Systems OR People to Lean On

           Going into my senior year, I knew my schedule was going to be crazy hectic. I suppose that was why during the summer I was trying to really bask in that relaxation time before I was going to be whisked into reading endless scholarly articles. Or possibly writing heaps of papers, and drowning in lectures that are full of words I can’t yet grasp at eight in the morning after staying up reading those scholarly articles and writing those papers. See, it’s just an endless cycle. Therefore, my summer was meant to be on the slower side so that when classes did start, I would be fully ready to go mentally and physically. 

            Truth is, that wasn’t really the case. Instead of being outrageously excited and prepared for the semester, I found myself getting overwhelmed to the point of having cries that were uncontrollable. After just the first day of the semester, I was in hysterics to my boyfriend for over an hour before going to work where all I really wanted to do was just continue crying. My mind was racing in every which way; how would I handle this all? How am I supposed to keep up a social life when it doesn’t even look like I’ll have time to breathe in between classes and their work? And working my job? HOW? Let’s just say I was getting completely ahead of myself and had created my own spiraling. Oops?

            How did I calm myself down after this all? Well, I didn’t really do it, it was the people around me who did. My parents, my friends, my boyfriend, and other family members. Everyone had their own little piece of advice to share and reassuring words that began to settle my frazzled mind. I was reminded of the end goal and how far I’ve come, as a student and person in general. My own values and beliefs were reinstated by the people around me when I had lost them for a moment or two because of stress…which is normal. I was reminded that everything happens for a reason and that everything placed in your path has been placed there because it is meant to build you up. You’re also never given anything in life that you cannot handle so if it’s a challenge, take it with your head high! Don’t ever doubt yourself or feel that you’re inadequate to handle certain things that happen in life. Confidence is key, my friends.

            But, what happens if you don’t have people in your life that you can count on? Well, now’s the time to start your potential “search!” College is a great place to find tons of different people. A majority of college and university campuses are extremely diverse and there is bound to be someone out there for everyone. Or, finding a person who will always have your back that you can count on when the road gets a bit wonky is seriously such an important thing. I’ve found that in times of struggle, those close to me become my shield and the barrier that helps me through the war. I’ve gained thicker skin for a lot of reasons but a big part of it all was because of those around me. The ones who were lifting me up and giving me the confidence that I once did not have myself. 

            We’re all human and have moments where we really stumble. Times where it seems almost near impossible to get up on our feet again after getting hit with the first wave of something and knowing the second wave is just around the corner. Reaching out to those around you is sincerely always the best decision you can do. We all need some TLC every once in a while, along with some tough love and real perspective checkers. It is incredibly important to have people around you who you can lean on when times get hard and when it seems like the walls are closing in around you. It gets a bit tough for the walls to close in on you when you have a village to hold them away from you.