Why Graduating is Bittersweet

Four years ago, as I entered college as a Freshman, I was both excited and lost. I was unsure that I picked the right college and major but I was so excited to start this experience. By the end of Freshman year, I realized I chose the right major for myself, but, I did not choose the right college by any means. Since I was so unhappy, I decided to transfer schools and I ended up at Monmouth University, which was one of the best decisions of my life. Now, three years later I am months away from graduating with my B.A. in Communication, specifically Public Relations and Journalism, and a Minor in Marketing.


    I am so happy to close this chapter of my life for so many reasons. There is no more homework, projects, or studying to worry about. I will finally have more free time that I ever have before. Secondly, I will finally have a steady income from a job I will (hopefully) love more than anything. The thought of not having to be on such a tight budget and actually being able to save a significant amount of money while also treating myself once in a while, makes me truly happy. During college, I mostly worked unpaid internships for experience and I also babysat on the side, which really did not provide me with much money to have in my bank account. Lastly, although it might seem scary, I love starting new positive chapters in my life. And this is definitely a brand new positive start to the rest of my life!


    With all this being said, I am not completely happy, I am also sad and anxious. I fear the unknown; not knowing if I will land a job and if I do, will I like it? I fear giving up the responsibility of school because, quite frankly, I was very good at “doing” school my whole life and now it is all coming to an end. Not only am I fearful and anxious about what will come, but I am also sad to leave all of my amazing friends behind. Of course, I will still keep in touch with them, but it will never be the same as it is now when I get to see them every single day. I will miss the laughter, the stress, the encouragement, and the support from each one of them that I get to experience every day. Not only am I going to miss my friends, but I am also going to miss my teachers and mentors that have helped me along the way these last 4 years of my life.


    If you are graduating this May, like I am, and you are feeling these exact same emotions, just know that every single person walking across that stage is feeling it as well. This is a confusing, sad, scary, and exciting time in your life. Although you are losing this “normal”, you will gain another one in the near future!