Why Does Social Media Force Fast Fashion?

It’s hard to remember a life without social media. The rise of social media and the impact of its influence on its users has happened almost unconsciously, whether you are aware of it or not. One of the major impacts it has made on its users, especially women, is forcing the rise of fast fashion. In other words, making women feel like they cannot wear the same outfit twice, which in turn forces people to spend less money on lower quality clothing items. Clothing has become disposable rather than something to be cherished.

The problem with fast fashion is that majority of the time the companies that sell low quality items for a low price usually are unethical in many ways. In most cases, the owners and managers of these companies overseas do not treat their workers right in ways such as low pay, child labor, unhealthy working conditions, and no benefits. Fast Fashion is based off of the latest fashion trends, which brings me back to social media…

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are always up to date on the latest fashion trend and they definitely make sure to flaunt it on social media all the time. Fashion changes in the blink of an eye but majority of the people in the world cannot keep up with these trends in the way that celebrities can. Kim Kardashian has her own stylist and her own team to make these new fashion trend statement pieces in an ethical, non-fast fashion way, whereas the average person has to rely on stores such as H&M and Forever 21 to get these pieces for themselves.

Social media promotes disposable clothing because people feel as though they would be judged if they wear the same outfit twice, especially to special events. To me, this makes no sense but I still follow it too. If you ever dare to wear the same dress to a party you feel like everyone saw it on social media already and is judging you, which is a terrible feeling but completely made up because no one really would. Clothing was not made for you to wear it once and then to have it sit in your closet.

I hope that everyone reading this will be more conscious of this and make an effort to go against this common belief. This year my goal is to never let this trend be in my head and to get the most I possibly can for the clothing I purchase. I want to minimize the amount of fast fashion items I purchase and spend more on ethical clothing that will last me longer and I hope you will too!