Why do Skin Care Routines Have to be so Complicated?

I have never had terrible skin. I have had the occasional acne, (especially at a certain time of the month), but my skin has always had red undertones. Although never huge, red pimples or zits, I would get really tiny, pimple like bumps and whiteheads. I would see girls on Instagram makeup free, glowing natural skin that was perfect, and I wanted that. So, I took to google and did loads of searching to get rid of the problem areas I thought I had.

            I am still to this day not even sure if the products I was using were targeting what I wanted them to target because I did not know what was actually wrong with my skin. In college, the skin on my face has gotten worse, and after two years, I found out it was due to PCOS. So, it was an internal problem this whole time. But even searching and buying more skin care products than any person needs, I still think, what the heck am I doing.

            We all have heard of the Korean skin care, with the 12 steps to beautiful skin. First, I know personally I do not have time do to 12 steps at any point in my day for anything. And secondly, that is so many products. But putting Korean skin care aside, there are so many products that target so many different things on your face that even if you are not doing the Korean skin care method, you still might be doing multiple steps.

            I have gone through a lot of different skin care routines and products and I have found, at least for my skin, the less products, the better. I have somewhat sensitive skin, but beside two products (that I have been using and have seen a difference in my skin) are from the drug store. At night, I start with Ponds cold cream makeup remover, (which is moisturizing while removing my eye makeup, so no more dry patches around my eyes!), wash my face with Cetaphil soap, toner, put an acne serum on if I feel I need it and moisturize. I have also found that I do not need to wash my face in the morning, and when I do, my face shows it. Instead, I use clean and clean exfoliating lemon slice (which is just a cotton round with product on it), tone, vitamin C serum (to glow, hopefully), and moisturize again (with SPF this time).

            I have seen so many skin care routines using so many products that target different things. And although they all seem necessary, sometimes the simpler products, and less of them are better. You walk into Ulta or Sephora, or even drug stores and there are aisles of skin care products that are all important to making your face healthy, glow and younger. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Add and remove products as needed, you do not have to do all preventative products at once because you will find that you are wasting more time with skin care than anything else in your day. I am not saying that skin care is not important, it is, you need to wash off the day at night and prepare your face for the day, but that doesn’t mean having to use a million different products.