Why Cardigans Should be A Staple in Everyone’s Wardrobe

I owe way too many cardigans. So much so that my mom said I can not buy anymore cardigans, one because I normally just always reach for the same 3 out of the twenty, and because my closet has no more hanger space. But putting that aside, I love wearing cardigans. They are so versatile, can be dressed up or down, and just look good with really any outfit.

            With the colder weather coming up, cardigans were a clothing piece I wore all fall, and will wear into the winter. They can go onto of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, worn with jeans, leggings, or even for a professional look. It also seems that more stores and clothing brands are carrying a more variety of cardigans, from really light ones, to heavy, almost sweater like cardigans, that depending on the temperature, you might not even need a coat. American Eagle is one of my favorite places to get cardigans, although I really only shop there on black Friday, but two of my favorite cardigans are still from American Eagle from two to three years ago.

            Sometimes I will even put a cardigan on for the days that I am bumming it. I really do enjoy the look of sweat pants with a cardigan, I just think it looks really nice in a certain way. On the days that I feel a little more put together, (so when I am wearing jeans, which is not that often), a cardigan just brings the whole look together and makes me feel like I am ready to take on the world.

            So, with the new change in weather, I think that cardigans are something that everyone should have and be wearing for their totally chic vibe and also just really how cozy and comfortable they are. Although some people might not share my same view on how nice cardigans are, I urge everyone to try them and see how they really make you feel.