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Things I am Looking Forward to in the Summer

  Summer is practically around the corner and I have not wasted one day thinking about all of the things I will be doing once school ends in early May. This summer I will experience a lot of firsts, but am so excited for what’s to come.

  First off, I am graduating in May so this is my first summer where I will not experience a “First Day of School.” This kind of makes my stomach flip, but I know there are great opportunities in my future. With that being said, I am looking forward to finishing out my internship with Make-A-Wish New Jersey and starting a new job opportunity at a company called Jump, owned by Uber. I am looking forward to meeting and working with an amazing new team and learning more about the field of marketing, while getting hands on experience right in my home borough of Staten Island!

  I am also really excited to travel during my summer months. So far, I have a trip planned to go to the Bahamas, Barcelona, and Italy! This will be my first time going to Bahamas and Barcelona, I could not be more excited. I really enjoy traveling and I cannot wait to see how each city and place is different from one another. I think this world we live in is beautiful in so many ways. I love experiencing things first hand and learning new things about new places all the time.

  When I am not working or traveling the world, I will be having the best time at concerts. I think concerts are so much fun especially with a big group of people. One of my favorite venues to go to for a concert is PNC Bank Arts center because the lawn seats are inexpensive and a very relaxed carefree environment. So far, I am looking forward to going to see Zac Brown Band, Thomas Rhett, Rascal Flatts, and Luke Bryan!

  Lastly, one of the other aspects of summer that I am looking forward to is relaxing and preparing for my future. Not going back to school is a scary thing for me because I am so used to it and was good at "doing" school. Not having a job lined up right now or really any certain direction worries me a little and I need to be prepared for anything and everything that will come my way. So, if you are feeling the same way, do not feel like you are alone because so many people feel the same way as you. I am going to promise myself to take the summer day by day and appreciate everything that happens. I am looking forward to a positive, busy, and expansive summer to learn new things, experience new things, and begin a new chapter!


Victoria DeFilippo is a senior at Monmouth University where she is majoring in Public Relations and Journalism and minoring in Marketing. She is a New Yorker that loves shopping, really good food, and traveling the world!
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