A Thank You Letter to Starbucks

Dear Starbucks:

As I approach graduation, I am fondly looking back on all the people who have been there for me these past four years. But outside of my family and friends there is another support system that I relied on: Starbucks.

Every single morning, I would start my day with a cup of Starbucks coffee. Even on the days that I would make my coffee at home, it would always be made with the Starbucks House Blend.

My Starbucks order has changed since freshman year. I used to order an americano and drink it black, so basically, I had no soul. I then started to add some sugar to my americano. That quickly escalated into my junior/senior year order: hot almond milk mocha, no whipped cream.

This sugar/caffeine rush is necessary to start my day, and I feel off-balance without it. I will admittedly elect to be late to class if I must choose between stopping for coffee or arriving on time.

Actual footage of me from earlier this semester (when I still had absences to spare):

I’ve tried every other major brand of coffee, and my heart goes back to Starbucks every time. To me, it tastes the best and it’s worth a little extra cost. My coffee is one of the most important parts of my routine, and I'm not willing to mess with it. 

Not to mention, Starbucks employees are always so sweet. The employees at my location remember me every morning, and it is nice to have that familiarity. Why would I go anywhere else?

So, Starbucks, thank you for fueling every class lecture and study session. I certainly would not be half as productive without you. I share this degree with you.


Lots of Love,